Awesome / Batista

  • When he turned against Triple H during his contract signing for WrestleMania 21.
  • Giving Alberto Del Rio a Batista Bomb after weeks of trash talk, the first since his return to the company.
  • His 2014 return to in ring action, specifically the Royal Rumble match....and WINNING the match.
    • And instead of forcing the proverbial square peg of his Face role into the circular hole that was the disapproving WWE Universe, Batista pretty much rounded on them and told them that they can cheer or boo him all they want, bottom line is, he's there to win championships, not popularity contests, DEAL WITH IT.
    • Even better is that he knew all along that he was never going to be cheered, so he intentionally acted like as much of a prick as possible to fans until WWE actually gave up and let him be a heel.
  • When Guardians of the Galaxy co-star Chris Pratt challenged Batista to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Batista proclaimed that ice isn't a problem for wrestlers...Then the camera zoomed out to reveal him bathing in ice water, with a big trash bin of more water closeby. After the cameraman dumped it on him, he didn't flinch.
  • Wrestlers making a foray into acting can have mixed results at best, but Batista is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe AND a James Bond villain. If that doesn't qualify as awesome...