Awesome / Andraste

  • After Adair's death, Elvin nearly has a nervous breakdown and points a sword at Andraste. She walks fearlessly forward, where Elvin could easily impale her in the shoulder, grabs the sword's blade, and calmly helps him sheath it, while assuring him that everything will be okay.
  • Andraste faces off against Empress Sarai with absolutely no hopes of winning and a broken shoulder. She also manages to come out of that alive, succeeds in saving Elvin, and attends a war council meeting as if nothing happened.
  • Radiance is pretty awesome, too. When Andraste fights Sarai, she grabs a bow and attempts to shoot the vampire (as in the Andraste universe, vampires can be taken down by arrows, but not swords) at very close range. Oh, yeah, and Radiance? She's half-blind.
  • Elvin willingly cut up his arm, knowing his blood would draw out a vampire, so Adair could stake it.