Awesome / Air Force One

Harrison Ford as the President of the USA. Recipe for Awesome.
  • When the pilots of Air Force One are threatened at gunpoint to get the plane back in the air, they refuse. The pilot is shot because he refused and the co-pilot is next. He still refuses. Sure, the Russians got the plane back in the air anyway, but that took balls of solid rock.
    Pilot: (To the rest of the bridge crew) "No matter what happens, we land this aircraft, is that understood?"
  • Upon dispatching Ivan, the Big Bad:
    Marshall: "Get off my plane!"
    • The DVD chapter that he does it in is appropriately titled "Get off my plane."
  • Halo Two's Taking the Bullet for Air Force One. Quite apart from being a ridiculously brave act, the sheer skill and timing required surely put that 'Eagle driver' on the same tier of airmanship as Wedge Antilles (Star Wars) and Hoban Washburne (Firefly)!
    • And then the Kazakh pilot's victory roll is punctuated by Halo Lead's Sidewinder.
  • When the President has been rescued:
  • Really, the whole sequence with Halo Flight rescuing the plane qualifies from the Vice President's order to "order our fighters back into their airspace. Order them to use any and all means to protect the President" to the "OH SHIT!" the MIG pilots display when the Flight shows up. Awesome.
  • When the Russian soldiers gun down Radek and company just before they leave on a helicopter.
  • Hey, what about the woman who, after the phones have all been disabled, suggests using the fax machine to get a message out, and for which the President promises her a promotion to Postmaster General. (The huge smile on her face when her suggestion does work and she is parachuting to safety, probably also qualifies as a Crowning Moment of Funny, as well.)
  • Jim Brass takes a bullet to the gut for the president. Certain death, right? WRONG: At the end of the film, during the rescue mission right after the president's wife and daughter have safely been transferred to Liberty 2-4, the President insists that he should be offloaded next because of his severe bullet wound, and is ultimately the only survivor of the rescue outside of the president's family. In other words, saving the president = survival.
  • Pretty much all of the president's fights against the terrorists, especially the first one, whom he knocks out by hitting in the face with a friggin STOOL (and then kills with a headshot after he gets up thirty seconds later), and of course Korshunov, whom he kills by wrapping a strap around his neck, pulling open the parachute he was wearing, and finally throws him out of the plane (after the legendary Pre-Mortem One-Liner at the top of the page), snapping his neck. Suffice it to say, his approval ratings will probably go through the roof.
  • The cable's about to snap and there's only time for one more trip from the soon-to-crash plane to Liberty 2-4, and Maj. Caldwell insists the President go; the President won't hear of going until Caldwell and Gibbs are safe. At which point Caldwell gets his own Awesome Moment (making it even worse when the traitorous Gibbsnote  FREAKING KILLS HIM SECONDS LATER!):
  • Vice President Bennett is pretty badass in her own right:
    General: "He's asking us to [fire at] Air Force One?"
  • Awesome Music: When Randy Newman's score for Air Force One was deemed too parodic and not serious enough, Jerry Goldsmith was called in and gave us this epic, rousing, chest-thumpingly patriotic theme.
  • A villainous example would be the spine-chilling moment when Radek is released from his cell, and his fellow prisoners chant "The Internationale", which Korshunov plays through the whole plane.
  • Marshall disarming Gibbs after he has already murdered Caldwell and beating him back long enough to fasten himself into the harness just as Air Force One plunges into the sea, taking the traitor down with it. Laser-Guided Karma at its absolute finest.