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Trivia / Air Force One

The 1997 film:

  • Actor-Shared Background / The Cast Showoff: Harrison Ford is an aviator.
  • Executive Meddling: See Motive Decay.
  • Fake Russian: Petrov, Radek, Korshunov, and Bazylev are all fake Russians. However, the terrorist mooks and Russian extras are played by emigrants from the Soviet Union.
  • He Also Did: The film is written by Andrew W. Marlowe, the creator of Castle.
  • Old Shame: After the US invasion of Iraq, Wolfgang Petersen stated "I would not make a movie like Air Force One now."
  • Playing Against Type/What Could Have Been: The movie originally had a score by Randy Newman. Yes, that Randy Newman. (Ultimately it was thrown out with Jerry Goldsmith - and Joel McNeely - having only two weeks to write a new score.)
  • The Red Stapler: Almost. Then US President Bill Clinton allegedly wanted to put an escape pod in the real Air Force One after seeing this movie.
    • For those wondering why such a feature isn't onboard the real VC-25s, it's actually pretty simple. Any issue that could result in the destruction of the aircraft would actually happen to quickly for the president to be safely evacuated to such a podnote . On top of that, even if there was an emergency where there was time to move the President into the podnote , the aircraft itself would be on the ground within a few minutes anyway, and safely evacuated. Also, even if the President was killed, the power would just shift to the Vice President anyway, meaning that the government would still be functional.