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Audio Play: Omaha!
Whatta they got in Omaha! that they never have in other musicals?

Omaha! is a recorded musical comedy with book, lyrics and music by Stan Freberg. Originally a six-minute, 38-second radio commercial for the Butter-Nut Coffee Company of Omaha, the original cast recording was issued on an EP in 1958.

The plot is simple: Biff (Freberg) loves Julie (Frances Osborne), and Julie loves Omaha, but their tender duets of love (for each other and for the town) are interrupted by Eustace K. Butter-Nut (Byron Kane), the only man ever to leave Omaha.

The musical numbers include an overture, four songs and a last-act finale, which is impressive for a show only ten minutes long.

These tropes can be found in Omaha!:

  • Crowd Song: People in Omaha are cursed to hold their hands up in the air and sing choruses.
  • Jingle: The reprise finale of the radio commercial: "Whatta they got in Butter-Nut / That they haven't got in other coffees?"
  • Reprise Medley: The finale is made up of several earlier songs with different lyrics—in particular, singing "Butter-Nut" instead of "Omaha."
  • Sdrawkcab Name: Saying Butter-Nut's name backwards breaks the curse on Omaha (which spelled backwards is "Ahamo!").
  • Spelling Song: The Oklahoma!-like title song spells "O-M-A-H-A" at the end.
  • That Reminds Me of a Song: Lampshaded: "Try to keep from bursting into song every time I ask a question, will you?"

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