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Whatta they got in "Omaha!" that they never have in other musicals?

Omaha! is a recorded musical comedy with book, lyrics and music by Stan Freberg. Originally a six-minute, 38-second radio commercial for the Butter-Nut Coffee Company of Omaha, the original cast recording was issued on an EP in 1958.

The plot is simple: Biff (Freberg) loves Julie (Frances Osborne), and Julie loves Omaha, but their tender duets of love (for each other and for the town) are interrupted by Eustace K. Butter-Nut (Byron Kane), the only man ever to leave Omaha.

The musical numbers include an overture, four songs and a last-act finale, which is impressive for a show only ten minutes long.

Tracklist (9:33 minutes)

Side One
  1. "Overture"
  2. "Whatta They Got In Omaha?"
  3. "Omaha Moon"
  4. "Omaha"

Side Two
  1. "I Look In Your Face"
  2. "Reprise"

These tropes can be found in Omaha!: