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Administrivia: Examples Are Not Arguable
"The best way to end a totally bullshit sentence that makes it seem like it could be true... arguably."
Urban Dictionary's definition for "arguably"

Sometimes a troper just isn't sure of whether or not a work uses a certain trope. They're positive that the work contains something worth mentioning, but just aren't sure whether or not it counts as an example of the trope. Or maybe they have an example from their favorite show that doesn't quite fit the trope, but is close to it and they want to add it as an example anyway. The result is usually something like this:

  • Arguably, "Work A" uses "Trope B" when...
  • "Character C" is a possible example of this because...
  • To some, "Work D" is an example of "Trope E"...
  • Your Mileage May Vary, but "Character F" could be considered an example...

When writing an example, don't precede it with words like "arguably", "possibly", or "to some". This is an example of weasel words, and although we are more tolerant of such than That Other Wiki, in this case it weakens the foundation of the example by making it subjective. It is true that there may be disagreement between two or more tropers over whether or not a work uses a certain trope. That's fine. Misunderstandings happen. However, disputes about trope examples should be restricted to edit reasons and the discussion page so it won't clutter up the main article.

Also, please don't add unnecessary subjectivity to objective tropes about characters by inserting examples that might apply to some viewers of a show or players of a game but don't appear within the work itself. Even if they're not marked In-Universe Examples Only, it's generally a bad idea.

If you truly believe that your example fits the trope, then list it. If it's not an example, then don't. If you have an example but aren't sure what trope it's an example of, list it here. If the item in question is subjective, it belongs on the YMMV page.

For other words and phrases that should be avoided when writing examples, see word cruft.
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alternative title(s): Examples Are Not Arguable; Examples Are Not YMMV; Examples Are Never To Be Argued; Not Arguable
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