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An Apple a Day Keeps the Kyuubeys Away

After her near-death experience, Sayaka calls Kyuubey out on why he didn't tell the girls about what the Soul Gems really are. Kyuubey is all "Why didn't you ask? Mami didn't know." He then makes Sayaka experience real pain by stepping on her Soul Gem. Okay, first, you can kill people by throwing the Soul Gems off of freeway overpasses, and now we are able to inflict pain on people by stepping on their Soul Gems? Was one of the writers of this anime drunk when they came up with it?

The next day, Sayaka plays hooky from school... Just to look at her Soul Gem. Kyouko then decides to take her to her family's church, which is in ruins. Kyouko offers Sayaka an apple, and Sayaka politely refuses (and by "politely refuses", we mean "I threw it on the ground"). Kyouko then strangles Sayaka and tells her not to waste food, making Kyouko a female hybrid of Homer Simpson (the strangling part) and Sanji (the philosophy on wasting food). After she calms down, Kyouko tells Sayaka her story, and it goes like this:

Kyouko's dad was a preacher, and his preachings deviated from the church. He lost members, the church exocommunicated him, his family grew hungry, and nobody wanted to listen to him. So, Kyouko became a Magical Girl so her father could have people listening to his preachings. It works - For a while anyways, until Kyouko's father finds out how he's been getting more people. He then goes on to do a drunken double-murder-suicide on the whole family, and Kyouko is the only survivor. Fun.

Sayaka's feeling a bit better, as she comes to school the next day. Not so fast, Sayaka. Hitomi then reveals that she's loved Kyosuke and she will confess her love to him the next day, and Sayaka basically loses it.

You know, this actually makes me wonder if Hitomi's crush was part of an Arranged Marriage-type deal with Kyosuke's family. They both play instruments and they both come from wealthy families, so I guess it makes sense.

Later that night, Madoka comes over ao she can go on her nightly witch hunt with Sayaka. But, Sayaka breaks down crying over Kyosuke and she and Madoka hug it out, all while Kyuubey watches. After that, Sayaka feels much better, and she's ready to fight some witches.

So, Kyouko and Homura are watching an engery orb, which is where Sayaka is fighting. Kyouko notices that Sayaka isn't doing well, so she goes in and helps Sayaka battle Elsa Maria, who looks like a volcano. Sayaka basically goes insane and kills Elsa Maria all while laughing manically. It '''will''' get worse for Sayaka, no matter what you say. So, sorry, kids.

On an ending note, I love how Kyouko's backstory was told by hand-drawn puppets. I also love how Sayaka's fight against Elsa Maria was Deliberately Monochrome. What an artsy episode. Let's hope we can appreciate more art in the next episode.


You forgot to note that Sayaka refused the apple because Kyouko wouldn't tell her where she got them from. It's important to note that, while she's started going through her breakdown, she's still clinging to her notions of a magical girl serving as a just figure (honesty being one aspect).
nomuru2d 15th Jan 12