When Worlds Collide: A Liveblog of a Pooh's Adventures episode

Psyga 315

Part Six: Return of the Pooh

Three things happened when we last left off Pooh and Friends. The first, Bowser confronts Pooh and Friends. The second, The twins split up to drive off the witches. The Third, Psyga315 became outraged at the video and Rage Quited.

Alas, I didn’t. The doctor said that I should spend some time watching good crossover videos and blab about them for a while. See, much like Fan Fiction, for every 100 bad crossover videos, there is one good one. Now, I shall recommend one right now. It is called The King’s Epic Adventure. Unlike Pooh’s Adventures, The King’s Epic Adventure was made with an advanced movie maker like Sony Vegas or Adobe Final Cut (my money’s on Vegas) and is capable of key framing characters into clips as opposed to what Pooh’s Adventures is doing. This means that you can actually see Snake Falcon Punching Konota as opposed to him just making a stupid comment. It even uses sentence mixing, in which instead of the sudden silence and subtitles we see in Pooh’s Adventures, words said by that person on other occasions (or other people entirely) are mixed into the person’s sentence. This means we can hear Otocon say, “Where’s the King of Hyrule?” It is worth noting that this is where I got that avatar where The King is riding Snake like a Pegasus. You can watch it here. The Video is in six parts. However, let us focus back on Pooh’s Adventures... Back into hell...

Part Six of Eight

Something I missed when I was raging. Agatha turned Mr. N into a crow. Make your own jokes about the crows from Dumbo here. Also, Mr. N? The Unfortunate Implications are over 9000! And wait, Staypuff? Weren’t you fighting Samhaeim and the Magician? WHY CAN’T THIS VIDEO STAY CONSISTENT? So Lynn (You know this movie has a problem when the only way I can tell apart the twins is when they are apart) is scared because Agatha had captured Kelly (Mary-Kate) and Misty tells her to have courage. They then tell of their many victories. Like how they helped Vader and Fett save the universe... wait, if Darth Vader joined after Star Wars ended, wouldn’t he be, you know, DEAD? Hold on; let me check some stuff...

{A Few Hours Later...}

Okay... So in this story, when Vader died, Bowser created a clone of him, however he retained the good part of himself and reformed. A very interesting story. I watched Pooh’s Adventures of The Secret Of The Kells to figure out how in Sam Hill did Mewtwo manage to become Aisling’s father. He adopted her, and so did the Good Fairy. I liked how the user did a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue at the end of that movie. I also liked the whole story on how Vader joined up with Pooh. Again, these good bits are as rare as Arceus.

So their victories included kicking Sidious, Jabba, Gozer and Vigo’s asses. Oh and they helped Wilber and Charlotte. Yay. So Lynn decides to have Mr. Gravedigger (or as I will call him, Simon) join them. So Agatha brings Kelly to her car, but it turns out that the tire was broken by Mr. N and Agatha tries to use the wand to undo the damage. I liked this funny exchange when the wand they took from Kelly (which she got from Oscar at the beginning, apparently it is magical) didn’t work.

Baby Bowser: Guess that wand doesn’t work on bad guys.

Samhaeim: What was your first clue?

Again, it makes me feel like it’s more of a Greek Chorus than a crossover, heck, Samhaeim’s line reminded me of that feature in the DS version of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness’s commentary, where a Prinny would be a commentator, commenting on what is going on. The line would be perfect for what a Prinny would say to Baby Bowser’s line, albeit with the Dood. So Agatha inflates the tire using other kinds of magic. The tire then blows up.

Samhaeim: What a way to blow up.


Bowser: Oh shut up.

DAMN! That was no subtitle! That was a voice! And Damn did Bowser pwn Samhaeim with that. This is kind of like the sentence mixing I mentioned earlier! Okay, so Lynn arrives at the house, with Oscar flying up to the balcony via balloons. So they reuse the “Come on let’s go!” clip. And...

Oscar: You’re a lot of help.

... That was the best line ever. Granted, if we were watching the actual movie, he would be talking to Mr. N, but since it can be assumed that since his line comes after the clip, he was talking to the Ghostbusters. So meaning that he just lampshaded their usefulness. Is it just me or is the user noticing the plot holes as well? One thing that bothers me is how the user manages to keep parts of the movie that do not involve Pooh and his friends, like the scene where the parents go look for the twins. It is unnecessary and removing it will make my job easier and the movie shorter. Though there is a stupid moment where the cop mentions the crow, little person, and circus car, yet fails to mention the GIGANTIC LIZARD AND MARSHMALLOW MASCOT! So Lynn finds Sophia and tells her that Agatha Bowser kidnapped her sister. In addition, Sophia reveals that both Kelly and Lynn are required to undo the curse put onto her. Moreover, it is close to midnight, in which the curse will become permanent by that time (It’s always midnight, isn’t it?)

Can our heroes find Kelly in time? Find out next time!