Anom's Super Mega Egg Run

Anomalocaris 20

The End?

Amanita: "So it has happened."

???: "Indeed, it has. Anthony has defeated Dennis and freed Reshiram."

Accordion Player: "I have already gone and kept track of Reshiram's position. Once we can bring N and his Zekrom back I'll retrieve it."

???: "Very good. I want eyes kept on that fool, Dennis. Geoff, your new mission is to find Dennis and interest him in a new plan. You know which one I speak of."

Geoff: "On it, sir."

???: "Deleter, I want you to track down N. Try to lure him back to Unova with his Zekrom."

Move Deleter: "I'll remember that, for sure!"

???: "Amanita, you are to keep close tabs on Kyurem. Make sure it remains secure until we're ready to initiate our plan."

Amanita: "Sir, I'm not entirely certain about this plan. It sounds excellent, but look what happened to Dennis. How do we know Anthony won't return and foil this one too?"

???: "I assure you, Amanita, she will be taken care of. Should she attempt to put an end to us, she will find herself stopped dead, and quite heartbroken over her loss."

Amanita: "And you're sure of this."

???: "Of course I am. After all, I am a heartbreaker. My name... Charles..."



PippingFool 12th Jul 12
Ooh. Nice Sequel Hook there.

Excellent job, Anom. If you do make a sequel, I'll look forward to reading it. :)
DarkerShining 12th Jul 12

(Whelp, we've got three more months before B/W 2 show up stateside.)
rmctagg09 12th Jul 12
If you do a sequel, I'm definitely contributing another egg.
strawberryflavored 12th Jul 12
So am I.

I have 3 eggs in White that I don't know what mon they hold, so I can certainly contribute another.
PippingFool 18th Jul 12
Actually, for my next one, I was hoping to have six different donors.
Anomalocaris20 23rd Jul 12
In that case, Saiga to the rescue!
Saiga 25th Jul 12
Oh, goodie. An egg donor. :P
Anomalocaris20 25th Jul 12
If you don't get 6, could I pretty please donate again?
PippingFool 25th Sep 12