Let's Raid A Dungeon!

Psyga 315

Final Room: The Finale

Alright, when we last left off, the story has ended, but the adventure goes on as I have Dragonball the Nova King raid the last room. I’ve fired Ackbar because I don’t need him for GMing now. This room is just gonna be a room. I will warn you now: It’s very cracky. Like Crack Fic cracky. Now then, let’s begin!

Dragonball bursts into the final room, an empty room save for the monster inside it.

Dragonball: FATHEEEEEER!

The monster, a giant black dragon, wakes up.

Dragonheart: Arg... What is it? Oh God, not you again!

Dragonball: I have come to take your head!

Dragonheart: What? You mean you’re not after the Ruby of Pyros?

Dragonball: Nah. Just you.

Dragonheart: Very well... Let this fight be a fight to remember!


The black dragon runs at Dragonball and bites him. He took a nasty gash, however, he stood despite that wound. His sword then lit up as he fired a Magic Missile at it (funny story: He’s a Cross-Class Fighter-Rouge-Cleric-Wizard. Mary Sue, HO!) and it hit the dragon in the eye. It roared as he began to spit acid. Dragonball tried to dodge the acid...

[DC = 17. Dragonball = 13 + 5 modifier = 13. FAIL]

But the acid sticks onto him. He screamed in pain as the acid stung his skin. His sword glowed as be stabbed himself, healing himself. The Dragon furled his face at Dragonball and bites his arm off. Dragonball yelled and realized that it was the arm that was holding the Hellhound head. He smirked as he raised his sword.

Dragonheart: What are you-

Dragonball: If I go down... I will take you with me!

His sword glows as he fired a large Magic Missile, big as he was tall at the Dragon (28 mana put into a large ass magic missile). When the missile hit the dragon, the entire dungeon blew up in a fiery inferno (No Kill Like Overkill).

“NO!” Said the dragon, waking out of a bad dream. He then looked around. No Dragonball. “Thank Pyros...” He said. Suddenly, the door opened. There were two kobolds, one badly wounded, but otherwise fine.

“Mr. Dragon, sir, Two raiders, a halfing and a dwarf, invaded our room. Had it not been for us, you would have faced them.” One kobold said. The dragon rolled his eyes. It was amusing to him how the kobolds thought that two light snacks would be a problem for him.

“Ah. Yes. I humbly thank you for stopping them. I presume that my pet, Cerebus, is alright?” The Dragon said.

“Yez! Da dog actually had somethin’ ta eat!” The Kobold said.

“Excellent. Do me a favour: Run through the dungeon, see if anything was tampered with. If anyone is still alive. Come back to me with a list of what changed. We will make replacements for those lost. I will reconstruct the skeletons to be tougher so that no raiders may come past them. You did the world a service by killing those two. Imagine what would have happened if they stole this jewel.” The dragon said as his tail unwrapped a small red jewel. “Chaos would ensue.” He glared at the Kobolds. “As my repayment, I will promote you to be my bodyguards. You will get the best equipment gold can buy, and more.” The Dragon said.

“See, Barry! I tol’ ya dis job was promisin’” The wounded Kobold said.


There. That was my dungeon raid. I will say, it was a bit hard, from both the game and my part. Surprisingly, I didn’t get that upset at the game. It’s fun to actually type out what happens if things don’t go as planned like what happened at the archer room.

Ackbar: I still wanted you to rage.

Okay, seriously, what’s with you and rage?

Ackbar: Well... I want every OUNCE of your hate...

... Excuse me for a sec. {pulls rubber mask off Ackbar, revealing him to be...} Oh hai, Profion.

Profion: Blast!

Tell me this, Profion, what do possibly want out of me?

Profion: Didn’t I tell you? I want every OUNCE of your hate! HHHTHTHTHTHTTH!

Really? That’s why you became my GM? So you can see me Rage Quit? Kind of stupid if you ask me. I mean, I thank you for spicing my adventure up a bit, but you didn’t have to go and try to make me angry. That rarely works for me. I thank you for trying though. Now, leave my premises before I really show you pure unadulterated rage.

Profion: Oooh! Show me!

{grins evilly, suddenly the screen cuts to black as sounds of hitting is heard. When the screen cuts back to Psyga, Profion is on the floor, beaten to a bloody pulp}

Well, this is Psyga315, bidding everyone adieu. I hope you enjoyed this liveblog.


If you every do somthing like this again you should make Barry the Kobold a protagonist. 7th Dec 11
Well, off by one on the total party kill. Spot on for total campaign kill.
Pentigan 10th Mar 12