Let's Raid A Dungeon!

Psyga 315

Room Six: The Hellhound

Alright, so Ackbar is currently working on the next few maps (and I guess he gets to DM from now on) while I begin to work out some of these bugs. See, last time, I lost two characters and itís not looking good. Those two characters were my Rogue (who was damn good at what he does) and my Cleric (who, to be fair, could only heal one point a turn) so Iím left with my Wizard (whose only move so far is Magic Missile) and my Fighter (who the dice constantly screw over). I will not have this game kick my ass! Ackbar! Give me another map!

Ackbar: Right! {hands Psyga a new map}

Cora and Barendd were about to rush into the next room, when they were blocked by a poleaxe.

Eins: Careful, fools! Thereís lava nearby!


Ackbar: Another thing to spice up your game is with lots of lava!

Dude! I donít want to turn my game into fucking Tomb of Horrors!

Ackbar: You need to have some challenge to your game! Thatís why it turned into the boring smash Ďem up! Because you didnít make your game hard!

... You know what? I want to see where the fuck youíre going with this. Letís do this.

Cora: You again? What do you want?

Eins: Iíve found this dungeon to be a little difficult than it already is. (You and me both) Hey, arenít there supposed to be four of you?

Barendd: Theyíre dead.

Cora: And we all will be soon.

Eins: Bah. Iíve done worse. Just a word of warning. See that dog over there?

{The group looks ahead and see a dog with reddish-brown fur, oh, and red glowing eyes}

Cora: A hellhound? Whatís a hellhound doing in a dungeon mostly populated by Kobolds?

Eins: I donít know, but the other Kobolds I slain were talking about how their boss was paying them good to guard the so called treasure.

Barendd: Thatís what we heard too!

Cora: Eins, that jewel is not something to sell at the market. If in the right hands, it can conquer nations. I can give you a nation to rule over when we get the jewel, but only if you join us! [Diplomacy Roll! Cora = 12! Eins = 20!!]

Ackbar: OOOH! Sheís a tough cookie!

Fuck that noise. I need my men to live! Iím doing the Double Dragon route!

Eins: How about this: I will work with you until after we get our hands on the treasure. Then we can fight for it. Deal?

Cora: I-

Barendd: DEAL! Now letís take that monster down and get to the next room!

Initiative time!

  • Cora: 11
  • Barendd: 10
  • Eins: 6
  • Hellhound: 6

Cora: Barendd! We need to have a mutual understanding! (Iím holding Cora back because that thing can kill her in one major swipe)

Barendd: You donít understand, Cora. {switches to crossbow} I come from a background where fights to the death are the best experience one can have. Now, if only I can get this puppy! {arrow fires but miss}

Eins: Bah! Only real men go and kick some major ass!

Eins runs ahead, only for the Hellhound to chase after her and scratched her with its claws.

Barendd: Yeah, yer right. Arrowís are for pussies. {rushes to attack the dog, but misses. As usual. Oh, and another miss from Eins. The Dog then bites (Dice rolls a number that adds up to above twenty because Hameteís likes to be a dick that way) but it takes about three damage}

Soon, Magma shoots out from a wall towards the dog. The hound winced as the Magma stuck onto his red fur.

Oh cool! So I can use the traps against the monster! Awesome!

Ackbar: Wait, Hellhounds are immune to fire.

Well, this isnít fire. Itís Magma. I think Admiral Akainu has shown us all, which beats what in the game of Elemental RockĖPaperĖScissors. Besides, I need to twiddle this monster down, or else he will kill everyone.

Cora tries to sneak by injured dog as Barendd and Eins tried to attack him at the same time, but since this dice roots for the monsters, they miss. Fire seems to develop from the dogís mouth.

Cora: Heís gonna blow a wall of flame! Get down!

Cora tries to run past the hound as does Eins, but Barendd decides to hold down the hound.[Strength DC = 11. Barendd = 6. SHIT!]

However, the hound flings Barendd off him and turns around, blowing the flames.

Cora: Guys! We can make it to the door! We just need to run! [Dex DC = 13. Barendd = 20! Pass! Eins = 8! Fail! Cora = 19! Pass!]

Cora and Barendd run, but Eins stayed back. The flames burned Eins badly, but not as badly as the magma. Which hurts the hound even more. Eins took the distraction as a chance to get away and to the door, but the door was stuck, held on the other side by Cora and Barendd. She tried to budge it open, but itís a failure. (Strength DC was 18. Her roll was 13.) The hound noticed that one ďsnackĒ was still available to him, and he lounged for it. (To save trouble, Iíve prerolled three attack rolls from both the hound and Eins.)

The sounds of screaming can be heard from the other side. Soon, the sound of magma flying and a whimpering were followed. Cora, curiously, opened the door and saw both Eins and the hound dead and mangled. (Eins and the hound both rolled tons of numbers over twenty and although the Hound managed to kill her, he too so much damage that another blast from the magma would downright kill him.)

Cora: Good. We donít have to deal with that twerp.

Barendd: Shame... I really wanted to fight her.

Cora: You will fight plenty of people that are more powerful when we take over this world. There are bounds of Idiot Heroes who are willing to die for the sake of saving the world. Now, letís move.

And with that, Cora and Barendd move on to the next room.

{burns Einsí character sheet} That takes care of that subplot. Iím not gonna bother giving them experience points since they did nothing to damage the hound. A shame really.

Ackbar: Do you have any hate so far? HHHTHTHTHTHTTH?

... No. And stop doing that. Itís annoying. Stay tuned for the next part.


I think you'll probably get about two more episodes before you end up with a total party kill.
Pentigan 27th Nov 11
Well this could have turned out better
Envyus 27th Nov 11
How so?
Psyga315 27th Nov 11