Let's Raid A Dungeon!

Psyga 315

Room Four: The Second Battle

When we last left off our heroes, Drew got some swag. Wow... And now, at the request of one of our commentators, we will have them fight some kobolds! Letís do this!

As they exit the room, they see that the end of the room was pitch black.

Alice: Light!

A light shimmers from her wand as the light echoes to the end of the hall, revealing four kobolds. (Oh boy, here we go!)

Random Kobold: WHO DARES INTERUPT OUR GAME OF POKER? (Okay, at this point, Iím just gonna have fun with this)

Barendd: We are, now kindly get out of the way!

Random Kobold: Never! We hired by da boss to guard dis dor! (Iím going for a sort of Orky style for the Kobolds)

Barendd: Well, whoever this boss is, tell him we are barging here, and thereís nothing he can do about it!

Random Kobold: Then Die! (When someone asks if youíre a God- wait, wrong context. BATTLE TIME!)

Initiative checks.

  • Barendd: 10
  • Drew: 9
  • Cora: 8
  • Alice: 3
  • Kobolds: 1

Barendd rushed to attack one of the Kobolds, but as he swung his axe, the axe was stuck in the Kobolds armor. (Another miss... Itís gonna be one of those games...)

Drew: Alice, I have to ask you to stand still while I attempt to put on my shield. That way I can hide behind you. (Rouges do it from behind)

Alice: Uh... Okay... (Iíll make roll later, but Iím skipping Drewís turn)

Cora runs ahead and fires a magic missile at a Kobold, vaporizing it.

Cora: These guys are easy picking. Just hope you can attack in time.

A Kobold rushes to avenge his fallen foe as he tries to stab Cora, but fails. Much of the Kobolds try to skewer both the Dwarf and Halfling to no avail. (Okay, you know what? I will just skip all these ďthey missedĒ things because itís getting boring)

Drew: Okay! Here I go! (since the kobolds were too preoccupied with Cora and Barendd, I decided to have Drew have an auto success. MARY SUE! HO!)

Drew slips on the shield, rendering him invisible. He sneaks as Alice goes up to Cora and powers her up.

Alice: Go get her, tiger!

Cora: Alright! Here we go!

Cora whacks the Kobold over the head with her club. It gave the Kobold a small concussion. (Thatís fancy speak for I did three damage, but I decided to roll a 1d100 with thirty or below as the target to see if the Kobold does indeed have some consequences. None what so ever) Two of the Kobolds manage to stab Cora and Barendd. (OH SHIT!) Cora however didnít feel the stab (I rolled a one as a Kobold and spears have a minus 1. Lol, karma) However, Barendd was heavily wounded by the spear in his gut. (SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!) Barendd tried to attack, but he couldnít nick the armor. The Kobold was about to attack, when it got stabbed in the back. It fell lifelessly as a shield flew out of Drewís hand.

Drew: Everyone gets one.

Alice: Let me heal you, Barendd!

Alice heals Barendd. The Kobolds are confused as to how they keep on dying (I.e. they missed on their attack rolls)

Cora: Now! Take advantage!

Everyone missed, save for Alice, who runs and whacks the Kobold with her staff, giving it an aneurysm (he had one point left! It would be goddamn overkill!)

Alice: Corner the monster!

Cora and Alice run to the last Kobold and proceed to attack. Drew managed to stab the Kobold, but it didnít kill him. Surrounded, the Kobold tried to flee, but Barendd fires a crossbow bolt at the Kobold in the head (Okay, in reality, Drew, Alice, and Cora all made attack rolls, but I felt it made more sense if Barendd finally got a kill on his own)

Barendd: There! Donít mess with a dwarf!

Cora then looks at the door.

Cora: Ready yourselves. Weíre heading into the next room.

The four immediately rush through the door, to the next room.

That was a better fight. Granted, it did drag on for a bit, but hey, it was better than the Curbstomp Battle from the skeletons. What dangers lie in the next room? No one is winning my favour so far, but Drew is still a boss. Find out next time!


Envyus 18th Nov 11