Let's Raid A Dungeon!

Psyga 315

Room One: The First Encounter

Alright, so now I got my characters ready. The next thing to do is to set up the first meeting. Instead of them meeting in an inn like everything else, I will have them meet in the dungeon entrance. Now, this is gonna go differently, as mentioned before. I will have the dialogue scripted as I recap the events. Much like my Sailor Moon liveblog, I will have my comments in brackets while the events go on and die rolls will be in square brackets. Any comment very long will be made into a segment of its own, in case I want to lay something low.

The first thing is obviously the story. Itís a barebones basic one, in which a wizard hires three people to help her raid a dungeon and obtain a ruby that would make her a dragon. Thatís pretty much it. I have no idea which setting this will take place in, so I will just assume this is taking place in Random Fantasy Setting #32. Without further to do, letís start off this RPG!

We start off the story with Cora standing outside of the dungeon, tapping her foot as she waits for the three people she hired. She doesnít have to wait long, as the three made their way to her in their own way. Cora is the first to speak.

Cora: So you guys came. Good. Letís see if I got everyone. {points to Alice} Alice the Human Cleric, {Alice nods} Barendd the Dwarf Fighter, {Barendd nods} and Drew the Elf Rouge. {Drew nods} Okay then. My name is Cora, the Halfling Wizard. I will warn you right now; this dungeon may claim your lives, and even mine. If I am to die, cut your losses and head out of the dungeon. (Ah, okay. So the goal is to keep the Squishy Wizard alive. Okay then. Let's hope she's not a suicidal lemming.)

Barendd: Aw, but what if I want to fight some more?

Cora: If I die, then this raid will be all for nothing. You can continue at your own risk, but just be warned that the true purpose to this raid will die along with me. (Something tells me sheís a GMPC. Donít know why.)

Drew: Ah, tuts, I just came for the swanking treasure.

Cora: Yeah... well... Thereís only one treasure Iím after. So long as you donít get in my way, we will be good.

Alice: Well... I...

Cora: Yes? Speak up.

Alice: I think I should continue as well if you die... The others may need my help if they choose to continue.

Cora rolls her eyes.

Cora: Fine. Iíll give you guys the treasure to split three ways. As I said, Iím only interested in the treasure hidden within that dungeon.

Drew: Which is?

Cora: The Ruby of Pyros. A jewel rumored for immense powers. Now then... Letís head in. Barendd, shall you do the honors?

Barendd nods as he charges into the door leading to the dungeon, breaking it. They get into the dungeon. The very first room they see is an empty room with the bones of four people.

Alice: Oh... My...

Cora: Kobolds... They leave the bones here to taunt newcomers. Come along, letís continue.

Suddenly, the bones rumbled and soon stood on their own.

Barendd: Skeleton Warriors? (Anyone getting Jason and the Argonauts flashbacks?)

Cora: Crap... Those kobolds must have casted a spell on these bones. (Yeah, apparently they can do that if they know how)

Barendd: Who cares! Letís fight them! (For no raisins!)

And thus, the first combat begins. I will start rolling initiative for the characters, with the Skeletons having a combined initiative. Those who are going first are at the top. In the brackets will be their initiative.

  • Skeletons (15)
  • Drew (10)
  • Barendd (8)
  • Alice (7)
  • Cora (6)

And so the Skeletons get the first move. Letís see what happens! Oh, and the Skeletons have an AC of thirteen.

The Skeletons begin to close in on the heroes. Two of them tried to attack Alice and Barendd, but their armor stopped their claws from scratching them [9 and 10 = Both miss]. Drew runs to one of the skeletons and stabs it with his dagger, but the hard bone made the dagger fail to cut it [9 = Miss]. Barendd cleaves his axe at the skeleton, but again, the swing does nothing to the bone but just chip it [9 =Miss]. (Shit... This is a bad start) However, Alice gets out a holy cross and begins to say a hymn. [Charisma Check = 13-15. The roll is an 8. Fail] (Even my attempt to turn undead is going to shit!)


Cora moves a bit and fires a large bolt from her fingers at a skeleton. [Hit = 3] The Skeleton was pushed back, but it began to move, as did the others. They each close in on one person and attack. While three of the monsters missed, the fourth one, the damaged one, managed to dig his claws into Cora. (!) He then rips some of Coraís skin off and then kicks her. [Hit = 5. Overkill]


Drew tried to get the skeleton facing him, but it was no good. [7 = Miss] Barendd also canít seem to dent in the skeletonís armor. (I'm gonna skip out on posting the die results because they're mostly low numbers) Aliceís staff glows as Cora also glowed.

Alice: Give me one more minute, and then Cora will be back on her feet! (What Iím doing is healing Cora, however, cure minor wound only heals 1 hit point. So I have to do two turns of healing)

Thankfully, the skeletons didnít manage to dent anything that time. Though Barendd and Drew also missed. (Very unlucky today.) Aliceís staff glowed once more as Cora glowed. Cora then got up, weakly however.

Alice: Good! Sheís back!

Cora: This is a bad idea... (No shit!) We have to run! (Yeah, this is becoming a Hopeless Battle)

The skeletons missed save for one, whose claws scratched Alice. Alice had a nasty gash, but was otherwise okay. [Hit = 4] The group then turn tail and run for the exit. Upon running out of the exit, Cora turned around to face the entrance.

Cora: GET DOWN! (and move it all around!)

She fires a large blast from her palms at the entrance. An explosion of smoke emerged from the entrance. (No, I am not gonna make a check for that. And if you're wondering, it's three Magic Missiles in one powerful Magic Warhead) If anyone was to peer inside, the skeletons would be disintegrated. Cora panted heavily.

Cora: Thanks for that, Alice...

Cora then fell to the ground.

Cora: I say we rest here... We will begin the raid when we wake up...

And with that, Cora went off to sleep. The other three decide to rest as well... They deserved it after that attack. (Yes... Stupid dice...)

HOLY SHIT! I think I picked the wrong monster for a first encounter! Jesus! People were missing and Cora nearly died! So yeah, Iím gonna attempt to raid it again, but I will reset the health and mana since theyíre resting. Hopefully, the next attempt will be good. So far, Cora is trailing behind Alice in how much I like them. That Magic Warhead spell helped with that.


Ouch! Bad start. Let's hope the dice are good to you next time.

MadWritter 10th Nov 11
real Kobolds would be a good start.
Envyus 10th Nov 11
Kobolds can cast spells as well if they know how.
Envyus 11th Nov 11
Ah, okay then.
Psyga315 11th Nov 11