When Worlds Collide: A Liveblog of a Pooh's Adventures episode

Psyga 315

Part Two: Attack of the Pooh

Three things happened when we last left off Pooh and Friends. The first, Pooh and Friends enter a town to tell everyone how Halloween started. The second, Pooh and Friends follow the Olsen Twins on their incredibly loud but seemingly hard to notice car. The third, Pooh and Friends decide to protect some people they barely met because Egon’s PKE reader went off.

Now, I was browsing the wiki for Pooh’s Adventures (Yes.) And it said that the scene where Egon is telling everyone about Halloween was a “plot twist”. Yes. The editor of the wiki doesn’t seem to know how plot twists work.

Part two of eight

So the grave digger blabs about Halloween, where he mentions the Druids again (neat Call-Back to the previous part, I guess...) and he mentions of a gathering. He says it is a party. Yeah. I am pretty sure the Olsen Twins won’t see people decapitating each other as lightning that can destroy entire buildings come from their headless bodies while declaring “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!” as a party. Oh wait. Wrong show. So it’s really a gathering of witches and their ilk. When one of the twins asks what’s an ilk, Tigger asks if it’s like Bullwinkle. Oh I get it. Ilk sounds like Elk. Ha. But as I watched the movie alongside the Pooh version, I noticed that it’s the other twin who asks if it’s like Bullwinkle. They just stole a line! And from the size of the group, I would say they can just perform the whole goddamned movie! And people don’t seem to mind an ORANGE HUMANOID TIGER TALKING TO THEM! So he means Ilk as in friends, which causes a collective “oh”. Wait, Pooh and his friends are with Egon, who if I seem to recall, is very smart and might know what Ilk means. Why didn’t he tell Tigger what Ilk is instead of the digger? Hehe that rhymed.

So he begins to talk about the witches, how they can make deals with other people to grant them Evil Eyes and... Damn it wrong show again! Anyways, he says how the witches were burned at the stake. Yes, I think he just referred to the Salem Witch Burnings, which if I recalled correctly, were cause by some bored teenager. I don’t think anyone at those burnings were witches. Anyways, C3-P0 reacts according to his character. “Oh dear!” Although Piglett would have done that. And Staypuff says, “I am scared and I am a ghost!” If I recall, he was just the manifestation of Gozer that sprung from one of the Ghostbuster’s mind. But hey, I don’t recall the REAL ghostbusters show so what can you do. I kinda laughed when one of the Ghostbusters goes all “Can we move this along please?” You will see why later. So the digger (He does not have a name. So I am calling him Simon) says that one of the witches hid a super powerful stone called a moonstone. It is said to come from Mt. Moon... Wait, Wrong show again. Anyways, Aisling asks what a moonstone is, which Simon explains. In the original, Simon just went on and on about the witches and the moonstone. Therefore, it was obvious that he was going to talk about the moonstone next. You seeing something wrong here? If not, let us continue.

So apparently, twins just like the Olsens set out to find the stone. One of them found it and hid it from the other. She then used it to make her life miserable until she decides to just seal her in a can. Misty does the reaction this time. “Yikes!” and I liked how it’s a single word, yet her mouth keeps moving. It reminds me of those Silent Movies where one person has their mouth moving for a minute as if he is saying something big until it’s revealed that he simply said “yes.” So their aunt (Who is named Agatha) comes out of the house and sees the twins. Everyone’s like “OH SNAP!” for no reason. I don’t know why. So yeah. Egon kind of spoils that Agatha is really a witch. Peter whips out his gun and is going to zap her. Oh my god! YES! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? DO IT! And yeah, they don’t notice that someone is going to shoot Agatha or how tons of people, including fluffy animals, psychic monsters, cyborgs, ghosts, and tons of other characters are following children. If this happened in real life, they would be arrested for stalking people. Agatha turns on her “GET OFF MY LAWN” mindset that all old people seem to have. Peter decides that now is the time to shoot her, but the others say it is a bad idea and that they have to plan at the Olsen’s house. What plan? All he has to do is shoot her. Bam, movie over. But here is the real reason. They cannot. Why? Because it goes against the movie.

Now is the part where I go Kyubey on you and reveal what is really going on. Why am I skipping parts of the movie? Because Pooh’s Adventures of Double Double Toil and Trouble is nothing but Double Double Toil and Trouble with various cartoon characters stuck in. The reason people are ignoring the Ecto-1 is because it was not in the movie, and thus, there was no clip of them interacting with the Ecto-1. The reason why no one is reacting to people like Staypuff and Darth Vader is that they were not in the movie. They are literally doing NOTHING to the film other than react or give people advice on something they will obviously do. I am dead serious. Usually in a crossover, the two different shows would interact with each other. Reinforcements From The Future showed a good example of a crossover. Two different teams interacted with each other, and even providing us with a Crossover Ship between Time Force’s Sixth Ranger, and Wild Force’s Yellow Ranger. Here, not so much. The twins do not even acknowledge the existence of the fact that the Ghostbusters are following them. They ignored them as soon as they left that tent. This is why I found the “Can we get this thing rolling” line funny. It’s a Lampshade Hanging.

So the Gang leave awkwardly. We hear the siren, yet we do not see the car. At all. Hell, why can’t Agatha just call the cops that not only did a guy point a gun at her, but is now stalking her nieces? Eh, maybe the car that was leaving was the Ecto-1 if we used our imagination to dangerous levels. So then Agatha returns home and tries to contact someone. And that someone doesn’t like that Pooh and Friends are there and is angry that she didn’t tell them about it. Wait, someone that is not in the film is interacting with her? COOL! WHO IS IT? GAH! PUMPKIN MAN! No wait, it’s Samhaeim. Okay, it’s a clip of her talking to someone else, but she is referring to Samhaeim so I will let it slide. Anywho, Samhaeim is telling Agatha that Bowser (and by extension, Samhaeim and the Magician) are pissed off that Agatha is goofing off and that she should prepare for Halloween. Then some girl in the mirror talks and tells Agatha to fight... and I referenced the wrong show again. No, the woman in the mirror is really Agatha’s sister, Sophia. Agatha was really the girl who trapped her sister in the house and Sophia is her sister. And Sophia doesn’t acknowledge Samhaeim or the Magician. After a scene where we see the twins bicker in the car and a hobo washing the windshield of their car, Samhaeim tells Agatha to have Pooh and Friends alive so that they can kick their asses. This I will admit, is a nicely done scene, albeit with one glaring flaw that can be overlooked. It really felt like a crossover. Sadly, there will be few moments like this, and they are rare.

Will our villains vanquish Pooh and his friends? Find out next time!


You know there was once this one user called iscreamer1 who made loads of requests for certain songs, characters or plots to be in Bowser's Pooh's Adventures films, but he got so irate when ignored that he started demanding Bowser to add his requests to the movies e.g. he wanted versions of characters from the 60s Batman TV show as villains. He even complained that Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger were better than Mark Hamill (Bowser uses Hamill's Joker). He also edited the wiki to set up the 'plot' of the Pooh's Adventures of Star Wars films and ordered Bowser to follow it. I think it might have been him who got the plot twist part wrong. 30th May 11
Hm... Maybe. From what you just said, though, it might not be likely that he did it. I won't be surprised, though.
Psyga315 2nd Jun 11