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new postMusic that soothes your heart68Sun, 24th Nov '13 6:23:09 PM
new postOk, guys, help me out here, will you?3Sun, 24th Nov '13 3:49:39 PM
new postTodd Rundgren5Sun, 24th Nov '13 1:59:01 PM
new postDisco coming back?9Thu, 21st Nov '13 11:49:05 AM
new postBruce Springsteen7Wed, 20th Nov '13 4:18:20 PM
new postLiking a band - but only one album95Sat, 16th Nov '13 2:24:11 AM
new postThe Mountain Goats21Fri, 15th Nov '13 11:47:03 PM
new postInteresting realization (with regard to albums)14Wed, 13th Nov '13 12:40:42 PM
new postMost Well-known song by your favorite bands?10Tue, 12th Nov '13 4:57:15 PM
new postMarianas Trench6Sat, 9th Nov '13 7:34:49 AM
new postBach's Chorale Preludes1Tue, 5th Nov '13 10:11:18 PM
new postRIP Lou Reed14Fri, 1st Nov '13 12:33:53 PM
new postDavid Bowie67Thu, 31st Oct '13 9:27:58 PM
new postIvor Biggun5Thu, 31st Oct '13 8:14:40 AM
new postNightwish New Lineup1Mon, 28th Oct '13 1:14:14 PM
new postAny good celtic music you could recomend me?13Mon, 28th Oct '13 12:01:51 PM
new postBest Mashup you've heard! (Mashups In General)18Sun, 20th Oct '13 9:52:12 PM
new postMonths of the Year song - Ykttw1Fri, 18th Oct '13 9:37:07 PM
new postFrom the creators of "Friday": Alison Gold's "Chinese Food"10Fri, 18th Oct '13 7:51:44 PM
new postJazz Of All Types64Fri, 18th Oct '13 1:56:32 PM
new post'50s Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Doo-Wop, Etcetera13Wed, 16th Oct '13 7:43:18 PM
new postBlack MIDI is insane5Sun, 13th Oct '13 10:11:08 AM
new postCaravan Palace, Lyre Le Temps, Parov Stelar, and electro swing.12Sun, 13th Oct '13 8:39:23 AM
new postThe Great Gatsby OST90Wed, 9th Oct '13 10:18:31 PM
new postCage the Elephant2Thu, 3rd Oct '13 2:12:04 AM
new postDream Theater60Tue, 24th Sep '13 5:43:46 PM
new postThe rockism debate (with bonus essay!)75Mon, 23rd Sep '13 1:27:54 AM
new postSome questions about electronic music genres10Sat, 21st Sep '13 8:31:20 PM
new post2013 MTV VMAs38Thu, 19th Sep '13 7:18:45 PM
new postStylistic changes and where they did and did not work. 10Wed, 11th Sep '13 1:31:47 AM
new postLyrics that make you do a double-take (Out of place lyrics in songs)90Tue, 10th Sep '13 12:53:17 AM
new postPut your ipod on shuffle...421Fri, 6th Sep '13 12:49:17 PM
new postInstrumental or Lyrical?15Mon, 2nd Sep '13 11:33:30 PM
new postMusical Jokes/Commedy16Sat, 31st Aug '13 2:30:13 PM
new postYour favourite "comeback" album7Sun, 18th Aug '13 6:22:13 PM
new postVitamin String Quartet2Sat, 17th Aug '13 1:26:04 PM
new postWhat do you like most about a song?7Fri, 16th Aug '13 1:24:19 AM
new postFavorite Beatles clones?4Wed, 14th Aug '13 3:07:22 PM
new postDeltron 3030 II coming this year...?3Tue, 13th Aug '13 10:54:07 PM
new postMarina And The Diamonds22Fri, 9th Aug '13 10:48:34 PM
new postSo I recently developed an interest in choir gospel music...5Fri, 9th Aug '13 4:57:09 PM
new postChristmas Songs That I'm Tired Of People Hating41Fri, 9th Aug '13 4:53:45 PM
new postGenre Adultery: Good music, but doesn't fit the band's style23Fri, 9th Aug '13 12:15:24 PM
new postTom Waits.20Thu, 8th Aug '13 6:10:10 PM
new postAny Sad Military Music15Fri, 2nd Aug '13 6:44:20 AM
new postChildhood songs15Mon, 29th Jul '13 2:53:11 PM
new postCheerful Music that Makes you Smile13Sun, 28th Jul '13 11:40:38 AM
new postcreepiest songs you heard22Sat, 27th Jul '13 6:55:18 AM
new postKanye West25Mon, 22nd Jul '13 6:19:08 PM
new postRIP Ray Manzarek3Fri, 19th Jul '13 1:13:14 PM
new postHumble Music Bundle1Fri, 19th Jul '13 5:55:37 AM
new postVans Warped Tour Australia1Thu, 18th Jul '13 7:56:11 PM
new postMusic Forum Flame Wars?4Sun, 14th Jul '13 2:34:19 AM
new postSo Bad It's Good: Music you think is bad but still enjoy/find funny173Tue, 9th Jul '13 12:28:17 PM
new postSongs you like by artists you dislike37Mon, 8th Jul '13 5:48:41 AM
new postMajorVsMinor: An experimental music project by Oleg Berg4Mon, 1st Jul '13 9:51:36 PM
new postTrying to remember this song...1Mon, 1st Jul '13 8:15:52 PM
new postHard rock/Heavy metal songs/albums that hit #18Sat, 29th Jun '13 10:42:19 PM
new postFunniest song ever?75Sat, 29th Jun '13 4:46:01 PM
new postAny Steve Taylor fans out there?9Fri, 28th Jun '13 2:11:26 PM
new postSongs that truly made you feel something the first time you heard 'em55Fri, 28th Jun '13 8:54:12 AM
new postFavourite song?12Thu, 27th Jun '13 12:45:09 PM
new postAdam WarRock6Thu, 27th Jun '13 10:52:16 AM
new postLapfox Trax29Tue, 25th Jun '13 7:59:47 PM
new postThe worst music ever.107Mon, 24th Jun '13 7:37:08 PM
new postWhat song is this commercial using?1Mon, 24th Jun '13 7:32:18 PM
new postYou know, that song with...3Wed, 19th Jun '13 2:52:18 PM
new postIs Time On My Side? The Perks and Perils of Living in the Past (essay)59Wed, 19th Jun '13 2:04:36 AM
new postBiggest Artists in your Library (by play time or number of tracks)32Wed, 19th Jun '13 1:44:33 AM
new postPlaylisting your musical taste44Wed, 19th Jun '13 12:50:48 AM
new postHow much music do you own?25Wed, 19th Jun '13 12:38:59 AM
new postWhat album first awakened you to music?45Mon, 17th Jun '13 2:53:44 PM
new postThe most obscure music you listen to of all the music you listen to 31Sun, 16th Jun '13 11:30:12 PM
new postOne-or-two album wonders24Sun, 16th Jun '13 2:28:52 PM
new postSongs based on sampling30Sat, 15th Jun '13 7:43:33 PM
new postLearning guitar1Mon, 10th Jun '13 8:07:53 PM
new postBombastic Orchestral Music: Marches, Hymns, Patriotic Songs, etc.9Thu, 6th Jun '13 3:10:20 PM
new postDead Horse Genres you like68Mon, 3rd Jun '13 6:34:26 PM
new postdark ambient recs5Mon, 3rd Jun '13 3:59:42 AM
new postJon Marco's Rhianna1Sun, 2nd Jun '13 10:23:28 PM
new postSupport your local musicians!5Sat, 1st Jun '13 3:22:04 PM
new postThe most 90's song of all time?73Tue, 28th May '13 10:34:55 PM
new post11 Music Superstars Who Are Technically One/No Hit Wonders7Mon, 27th May '13 1:52:47 PM
new postITT: Your favorite album and your top 3 songs from that album16Sat, 25th May '13 10:48:42 PM
new postX Japan3Fri, 24th May '13 9:45:38 AM
new postThe Offspring3Thu, 23rd May '13 11:55:32 AM
new postMetal Gear Rising's Mindblowing Revengeful OST (and similar music?)9Thu, 23rd May '13 11:49:43 AM
new postfolk3Wed, 22nd May '13 12:49:14 AM
new postChristian Rock-The thread14Mon, 20th May '13 4:10:08 PM
new postJPOP and JROCK202Mon, 20th May '13 9:07:13 AM
new postAny Advice For People Who Want To Be K-Pop Fans?97Mon, 20th May '13 6:29:57 AM
new postStoner Music14Sun, 19th May '13 9:49:42 PM
new postThe Beatles65Sat, 18th May '13 9:28:50 PM
new postFeeling something from a song, but not knowing what it is8Thu, 16th May '13 1:18:50 AM
new postSimilar Songs/Songs that sound like other songs94Sat, 11th May '13 12:10:09 AM
new post"I listen to everything"4Sun, 5th May '13 4:57:30 PM
new postTwo Steps From Hell5Sat, 4th May '13 8:19:39 PM
new postFavorite Live Walk-On/Guest Performance(s)3Sat, 4th May '13 5:03:12 PM
new postTurntable.fm5Fri, 3rd May '13 2:43:58 PM
new postTeddy Geiger1Mon, 29th Apr '13 6:49:55 PM
10 pages in this list
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