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A scenario I want to try: Mind reader vs Pre-cognitive.3720th Jan 2013 10:08:14 AM
Ack! My kryptonite.418th Jan 2013 09:33:56 PM
How to Write "Friends with Benefits"1318th Jan 2013 08:06:05 PM
Riding A Roller Coaster Without A Bra318th Jan 2013 07:58:27 PM
Slightly Different Vampires1018th Jan 2013 05:02:49 PM
Villians and Religion1317th Jan 2013 08:09:30 PM
Looking for a Medicinal Plant Resource717th Jan 2013 04:18:25 AM
Retelling a classic- be faithful to the source or not?715th Jan 2013 04:58:22 AM
Help me choose a bridge for my adaptational play213th Jan 2013 05:39:44 AM
Writing Bi-curious Characters512th Jan 2013 11:35:51 PM
Brainstorming: Would anyone want to read this? SF retelling of Evita?3112th Jan 2013 03:58:35 PM
Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Organizational Skills412th Jan 2013 02:25:04 AM
Know any books on tropes, themes, genres, etc?511th Jan 2013 01:29:57 AM
The House of Elendil: LOTR/Game of Thrones xover, need feedback1110th Jan 2013 10:57:11 PM
I suck at details, and I don't know how to begin a story.110th Jan 2013 08:43:23 PM
Portraying a Disturbing Concept without Freaking People Out2110th Jan 2013 04:29:56 PM
Does every character need character development?1110th Jan 2013 01:20:36 PM
Are Tropes Tools Or...?159th Jan 2013 07:40:25 PM
Possible to create a non-straw Totalitarian Utilitarian69th Jan 2013 06:43:57 PM
Plot direction needed!!49th Jan 2013 10:21:10 AM
Portraying Self Harm58th Jan 2013 05:03:25 AM
A Plotting Technique I'm Trying Out37th Jan 2013 10:57:13 PM
Publishing Short Stories27th Jan 2013 01:17:27 PM
Power Imbalances in Relationships146th Jan 2013 02:04:51 PM
Differences in writing YA vs. Adult Fiction146th Jan 2013 01:03:31 PM
Take away everything that isn't an elephant.125th Jan 2013 01:36:04 PM
Two laconic characters: Bad idea?45th Jan 2013 01:17:25 PM
All the ways to Deconstruct Knight in Sour Armour85th Jan 2013 09:55:21 AM
Opening Lines195th Jan 2013 09:38:30 AM
I'm writing a new LightNovel!34th Jan 2013 09:48:16 AM
Troper Critique Club1,6093rd Jan 2013 09:21:58 AM
Video creation experiment23rd Jan 2013 09:13:06 AM
Need a name for an eldritch abomination553rd Jan 2013 08:41:30 AM
For Discussion: Distinctive Appearance in Written Fiction?82nd Jan 2013 09:43:54 PM
The Writer's Block New Years Resolution Thread V2.0102nd Jan 2013 06:20:32 PM
A Reconstruction of the Magical Girl Genre1831st Dec 2012 10:28:41 PM
A world in chaos231st Dec 2012 01:33:26 PM
Hypothetical: Deconstructing a Karma Meter (In an Idealistic Fashion)331st Dec 2012 12:12:13 PM
The secret diary of- a slightly controversial historical figure431st Dec 2012 04:33:43 AM
Does This Sound Familiar? -Tropes of Writer's Block130th Dec 2012 07:44:07 PM
Writers and Blogs11829th Dec 2012 08:34:02 PM
Cuba Libre v21828th Dec 2012 06:03:14 PM
Humanity cannot live without war728th Dec 2012 05:27:23 AM
Mega Crossover Project: Megacosmos127th Dec 2012 12:07:55 AM
Which is harder - original universe or mega-crossover?2226th Dec 2012 11:37:14 PM
Why nobody cares about your story...2426th Dec 2012 05:26:55 PM
Hit a brick wall on super hero reconstruction.526th Dec 2012 09:39:11 AM
How Could An AI And A Human Escape From Somewhere?425th Dec 2012 05:02:04 PM
A villain in an After the End scenario?225th Dec 2012 08:43:02 AM
Let's Make A New Genre525th Dec 2012 12:06:03 AM
So I have this story in mind...224th Dec 2012 08:31:58 PM
What am I doing Wrong?624th Dec 2012 02:55:47 PM
Good Name Resource?824th Dec 2012 02:50:13 PM
Post Your Funniest Old Shame8123rd Dec 2012 08:19:23 PM
Could this be considered homophobic?823rd Dec 2012 01:40:27 AM
Realistic Diction is Unrealistic323rd Dec 2012 12:11:38 AM
Ruined Forever1322nd Dec 2012 10:09:54 PM
US Conventions Constrain Rest Of Human Writers11221st Dec 2012 09:52:59 PM
Character Creation721st Dec 2012 06:49:51 AM
Sounding out a new fantasy novel idea621st Dec 2012 03:33:26 AM
Why would nudity used in a piece of work? 3020th Dec 2012 07:43:19 PM
Writing Sex Scenes Is Hard 3719th Dec 2012 10:13:17 PM
Noire/Magitek, source material.119th Dec 2012 03:51:49 PM
Good news, everyone2819th Dec 2012 03:45:47 PM
A Space Crew1218th Dec 2012 10:20:46 PM
Are Phonetic accents offensive?2117th Dec 2012 07:37:48 PM
So, making basketball scenes...1017th Dec 2012 06:34:41 PM
Sacrificing quirks for the sake of drama617th Dec 2012 09:27:58 AM
Headaches from writing117th Dec 2012 01:22:32 AM
Is this kind of historical fantasy acceptable?914th Dec 2012 03:46:52 PM
Is it wrong for a protagonist to be created after the author?2312th Dec 2012 06:48:12 PM
A Monster based on the Nothing is Scarier trope?912th Dec 2012 02:11:25 PM
Unmotivated partner512th Dec 2012 01:04:30 PM
Advantages of Different Artistic Mediums1112th Dec 2012 11:16:33 AM
Outline for an Urban Fantasy Story912th Dec 2012 11:09:18 AM
How much exposition is appropriate towards the beginning?1012th Dec 2012 03:12:05 AM
Reading Is Fun, a Broken Aesop?1611th Dec 2012 11:38:38 PM
Yonkomas, do they have to be...310th Dec 2012 12:53:54 AM
Opening Problems29th Dec 2012 04:50:04 PM
Pitch Your Webshow2308th Dec 2012 02:09:36 PM
One Character. Two Versions. There can only be one.67th Dec 2012 06:50:13 PM
Trying to avoid a 'Fix your man' situation76th Dec 2012 12:22:54 PM
Help with an action scene25th Dec 2012 06:06:05 PM
Shooter Deconstruction Idea285th Dec 2012 03:41:02 PM
Tips for writing a large Ensemble for a book45th Dec 2012 11:29:43 AM
The Publishing Industry153rd Dec 2012 06:17:52 PM
Short stories and a novella: publication?13rd Dec 2012 06:39:21 AM
Strengths and weaknesses of transforming robots72nd Dec 2012 09:16:25 AM
Can't find a concrete Character Alignment for a character.372nd Dec 2012 08:18:39 AM
Respawn Ideas?111st Dec 2012 05:31:42 PM
The Love Machine - Implications?1230th Nov 2012 03:03:20 PM
Should I include a Native American antagonist?6030th Nov 2012 12:13:11 AM
Other way to compare and contrast two female characters?930th Nov 2012 12:02:18 AM
How to going about with the research?2628th Nov 2012 08:28:58 AM
How do you create a mentor character?627th Nov 2012 11:27:23 AM
The Sitcom Coffee House.627th Nov 2012 04:44:59 AM
Which trope is this character?526th Nov 2012 06:45:13 PM
Moral Dilemmas: Sex via Emotion control.424th Nov 2012 09:45:37 PM
Writing a Ditzy Genius1124th Nov 2012 06:14:49 PM
Dividing a diary-format novel into parts? 724th Nov 2012 03:59:47 AM

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