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'''''Meatball Machine''''' is a 2005 {{Japanese|Films}} action SciFiHorror action splatter film.

Yoji and Sachiko are coworkers and lovebirds. Their romance is going well, until she's attacked by a creature. These monsters, called [=NecroBorgs=}, implant themselves on people as tumor-like growths, eventually taking over their bodies completely and turning them into monstrosities that exist solely to fight and kill each other. Sachiko is turned, so Yoji, having been infected by a different [=NecroBorg=] undertakes an effort to rescue his lady love.
!!This film contains examples of:

*AbusiveParents: Sachiko's father sexually abused her and severely scarred her chest, back and legs so nobody else would want her. She was eventually forced to cripple him with an iron bar to stop the abuse.
*AndIMustScream: The host of a [=NecroBorg=] is treated as an automaton, unable to properly react but feeling all the pain the creature feels in fights.
*TheAssimilator: The main antagonists of the film are monsters who attach themselves to human bodies to create mutant monsters with much more useful abilities than their squishy true forms.
*AttemptedRape: Yoji and Sachiko first meet properly when he saves her from his boss's attempt to force himself on her.
*BigBadDuumvirate: [[spoiler:The unnamed duo of aliens that created the [=NecroBorgs=].]]
*BloodKnight: A [=NecroBorg=]'s entire existence is based around assimilating a host that will assist it better in fighting, killing and eating other [=NecroBorg=]s.
*CrapsackWorld: Tokyo is an industrial hellhole full of perverts. There's also a race of monstrous parasites that attack random people and trap them in an AndIMustScream situation as {{Living Weapon}}s in their tournament of death, with the only respite being their own destruction in the battle.
*CreepyCrossdresser: Yoji is groped nonconsensual by one in a porno theatre, who kicks his ass when he tries to walk away from the situation.
*DownerEnding: [[spoiler:Yoji is forced to kill both Sachiko and himself to prevent the [=NecroBorgs=] from controlling their bodies. This doesn't work, as the aliens who created the monsters resurrect them both as test models for their new line of weapons, called "Meatball Machines." It's also revealed that all the chaos is nothing but a ''game'' to the aliens.]]
*EnemyWithin: Despite saving himself from total infection, Yoji still has to contend with the will of his [=NecroBorg=] trying to assert itself.
*VillainOpeningScene: A [=NecroBorg=] attacking an old guy trying to kill himself.
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