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Roihu: Does this really need spoiler tags? Everyone knows that Tabuu is the final boss. That's like not even a spoiler anymore. It's not even a big spoiler in the first place. This goes for all the other spoilers. If you're gonna make Tabuu a spoiler, you may as well make all the secret characters in Brawl spoilers as well.
Sir Ilpalazzo: Wavedashing really shouldn't be a a Game-Breaker. There are other things in the series that are deserving of that title, but to be blunt, whoever put wavedashing there really doesn't know what they're talking about at all.

  1. I don't see how the Trophy Room is Product Placement; also, I don't see why it would be spoilered. Undoing the latter.
  2. Taking out:
  • Lethal Chef (Mr. Game and Watch uses bacon as an attack, and Kirby's Final Smash cooks an opponent in a pot)
    ...because that's not what the trope means. (Food that's lethal to eat.)
  1. I just don't plain get the Gameplay and Story Segregation one. Where's that from?

Agent CH: The Gameplay and Story Segregation example was from some videos on the Smash Bros Brawl website. In the story mode's intro, Zelda and Peach rush onto the battlefield when the bad guys show up, Zelda by way of teleporting (Farore's Wind, one of her moves in the game). Later, in the same cutscene, the two princesses are trapped in cages by the first boss and unable to escape. Zelda is apparently unable to teleport out.

Ununnilium: Does anyone know where the YouTube links are for the "funny" and "accurate" Ominous Latin Chanting videos?
I feel that we should add Space Is an Ocean since the whole theme of Final Destination is pretty much this.
MysteryMan23: Uh-oh! Looks like we have a vandal on the loose! Look's like he's gone. Phew!
  • PsychoKirby: Mystery Man, thank you for helping to stop that impostor's vandalism. (I also removed his flaming remark towards you in this page.) Although I didn't know two tropers could have identical usernames. (Fortunately, at least you can still tell users apart through their I Ps.)
    • MysteryMan23: You're welcome! I didn't realize that either. I think the staff should set it up so that tropers can't have identical usernames. That way, we won't have to deal with imposters (or at least, it will be more difficult to pose as another troper).

Tanto: Uh...what? This makes no sense whatsoever.

Pk Mario: ...Yes, it doesn't. Bye Bye line.

Nirual: Actually, a few of them border on this. Where did Luigi's move come from? Jigglypuff's? Wolf's (there is no sign of any Star Wolf vehicule in the series other than the Wolfen)? Even Falco recycling the Landmaster FS doesn't make much sense (his FS quote even lampshades it). The rest make sense, more or less.

Ace Of Scarabs: Luigi's Final Smash is a reference to Mr. L, and Jigglypuff is probably using Bulk Up. Wolf's probably a been watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure again.

Which confuses this troper to the extreme. If Master Hand represents the kid playing with these trophies, who the hell is Taboo?]])
  • This troper suggests the kid's mother, trying to get him to put away his toys and go to bed.
    • This troper thinks he's the kid as an adult, trying to destroy his childhood memories. Naturally, they fight back.

This troper suggests you take your theories to Wild Mass Guessing.

Moogi: Will do.

Moogi: What is Cloning Blues doing under the Sunspace Emissary? There is nothing relating to that trope in there at all. So, if nobody can justify the link being there, I'm removing it.

Raposa: Might be referring to the turned-evil versions you fight whenever the creepy black bug things get a hold of a trophy-fied character.

I think it's a reference to something only revealed in the trophies (which illuminate quite a bit of the story) - that the Subspace Army was created by endlessly extracting the mysterious substance within Mr. Game & Watch. Hence the Game & Watch clones turn into a giant monster which, upon defeat, turns into a G&W trophy proper.

Haven: There's an I Am Not Making This Up if I ever heard one...

Haven: Took out the Reverse Mole example (King Dedede), because he's not one - even though he unexpectedly turns out to be a good guy in this game, it doesn't ever seem like he's allied with Team Tabuu.
  • Did Not Do The Research - "We need a Donkey Kong level...hey! Monkeys live in jungles, right? Let's just put in a generic JUNGLE!"
    • Probably based on Donkey Kong Country, in which he does live in one.

Tanto: Rule Number Fucking One, people: You don't get to accuse people of not doing the research if you're not willing to fucking do it yourself. DK has jungle stages because that's where he's from in his games.

Trogga: I think it's trying to say they aren't taken directly from the DKC games.

Falcon Pain: I wasn't claiming that Zelda and DKC were related. I was trying to find a clever way for the Gangplank Galleon listing to mention both the Pirate Ship stage and the use of the original Gangplank Galleon music in the game. Or does the music not fit the trope?
Mr Guy: I humbly suggest that we might note Zero Suit Samus as a fanservice example.

Wilder: Is there a trope for levels made up of parts of other levels? If so, The Great Maze would certainly apply. If not... Someone should make such a trope.
Antwan: Got Super Smash Bros. Melee to redirect to here, just in case.
Kingogtheingdaw: I took out —>"BBBBBRRRRRRRAWWWWWLLLLLL!!!!
— The Inevitable cry when anyone mentions Super Smash Brothers

It was stupid and pointless, I'm sure no one yells Brawl when someone mentions Smash Brothers, hell, not even the announcer yells BRRRAAAWWWLLLLLLLL!!!! Unlike in Melee and SSB 64.

I added the SUPER SMASH BROTHERS!!! the announcer yells in SSB 64, as it is actually in the series and is more iconic and representitve of the series then BRRRRRAWWWWWLLLLLL!!!! (Which is never even yelled by the announcer)
32_Footsteps: I cut the following from Boss Rush:

  • The Great Maze in Brawl MUST count for a Boss Rush. Every single boss except the Hands and Giant Shadow Bug Diddy Kong, every single character except Toon Link, Sonic, Wolf and Jigglypuff, and culminating in a battle against the Big Bad, Tabuu. If that's not a Boss Rush, I don't know what is.

... Because the person doesn't know what a Boss Rush is. The bosses in The Great Maze are staggered - you never fight them one right after another. Even if you just run from all the normal enemies, the fact that you have to traverse said space and dodge said enemies precludes it being a Boss Rush.
Kingogtheingdaw: Okay, who keeps editing out my Just bugs me entry:

  • The hardcore casuals, not the good kind who sit at home and play with their friends. But the dumb ignorant kind who are anti-tier, (despite evidence that proves tiers existence), feel that they are superior to the people who use high tiers because they choose low tiers and moan and complain when items are turned off.
    • FYI no one has the right to remove this because it bugs me and this is what the page is about.

  • If the guy who has a problem with tiers can post then the guy who has problems with the guy who has problems with tiers has the right to express his opinions has well. My Heart Burn Kid sense are tingling....

  • The It Just Bugs Me! pages are not for complaining. They're for discussing Fridge Logic, and so your rant was removed. Again.

  • 40% of the things on that page aren't fridge logic, if you hadn't noticed. If you actually understood what tiers are then you would know that not accepting they are real is a Wall Banger / Fridge Logic.

Freezair For A Limited Time: That's because the page needs pruning. And besides, Fridge Logic doesn't work that way—it's about plot points/features that seem fine at first, but start looking weirder the more you think about them, not about behavior.
  • Okay I'll accept that, I'll go fix up the page abit.

Kingogtheingdaw: In a similar vein I cut the rant complaining about tiers, they're not Fridge logic. The person was just complaining.

32_Footsteps: Removing the following:

  • Obfuscating Stupidity - This troper firmly believes that Nintendo still thinks online gaming is just a passing fad and Brawl's incredibly sub-par online mode is the classic husband strategy, "Do something bad enough and you won't be asked to do it again". Before the game was released he also joked that the North American version was delayed so much longer than the Japanese version because they needed time to take the online out.

Seriously, that just smacks of Nintendo hatedom. Brawl was Nintendo's very first online multiplayer game - it was pretty much to be expected that it was going to be substandard because, well, they never did it before. Besides, look at the jump in quality of play between Brawl and Mario Kart Wii. Nintendo is interested in online gaming - they're just not as good at it as others who have been doing it for a while. People who have done it longer being more practiced at it... strange concept, I know. (This isn't to excuse the issues with Brawl and online play, but it isn't nearly what was depicted above.)

Blitz Blast: Okay, changing the picture. I mean, Brawl is out now and nobody has changed it?

Joe Bro 387: I realised that it says that "Go K.K. Rider!" isn't a Nintendo nod, when it's a nod to Animal Crossing. Just thought that that should be fixed.
Master Knight: added this under the Fake Balance list:

  • Skill Underestimated/Overestimated: lightweights in general.
  • Impossible Weakness: Bowser. Bigger isn't always better.
  • Pointless Weakness: Olimar, Game & Watch, Olimar, Pit, Olimar, Toon Link, Olimar, and did I mention Olimar?
  • Unbalanced skillset: Game & Watch
  • Luck-based balance: and how
  • Rarity based balance: some items and Pokemon
  • Skill based balance: debatably Snake
  • Unfair/situational advantage: what do you expect when a pebble can make Giga Bowser flinch?
  • Everybody's cheap: in Brawl

And I'm going to have it on record that I'm an Olimar main. If anything, it makes me more disgusted that he has a glaring, albeit somewhat situational, strength and exploiting his only major weakness requires him to be off the stage and therefore out of his melee camping element already.