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  • Mister Six: Removed this description from beneath the bit that suggests Till Death Us Do Part created the model for this character: "....although another possible inspiration is Sanford, of Sanford and Son." - because Till Death preceded Sandford and Son by about ten years and because Sanford was a remake of British comedy Steptoe and Son. In fact, I've updated the list to incorporate Steptoe since it precedes Till Death by two years.

  • Spider Jerusalem's as sympathetic as any hero, he's only ever really mean to obvious villains, and a slight jerkass to other people. He's out.

  • Otempora: Removed for Complaining About Shows You Don't Like.
    • Carlos Mencia from Mind of Mencia is a humorless, repetitive comedian who steals every joke and has a terrible, pedantic catchphrase, "dee dee dee." He has absolutely no ability to tell a joke and is extremely annoying. Creator Ned Holness has cleverly satirized retarded, plagiaristic comedians.

Tanto: Not only is that Zero Punctuation quote completely irrelevant to this trope, it's also already in Self-Insert Fic (where it's only slightly less so).

Please take your Yahtzee fellatio elsewhere, kthnx.
Prfnoff: Never saw Jason Fox as an Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist, despite his being a royal jerk around his sister Paige.

Rothul: Likewise, but I think it fits. I originally was going to add him to the Mc Duck page... but I couldn't think of any positive traits that he has, other than his intelligence (which just makes him MORE of a jerk).


Enoch J: I don't agree that The Thick of It has only one sympathetic character. Glenn is a genuinely noble person for the most part (in fact, one whose purpose appears to be giving the viewer someone to like). He's a bit of a hangdog schlep but then, for all his bluster, Malcolm's schemes backfire pretty often, too. It's just a remarkably well balanced show. Apart from the ministers themselves, who are always pure fail.