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Ununnilium: Now, possibly I'm wrong and someone more knowledgable can correct me, but the Nova Corps seem more like Space Police here.

Schol-R-LEA: You have a good point; I'll take them out unless anyone else disagrees.

BT The P: I'm assuming straight-up robots built to fight wars, like The Terminator and Solo, don't count?

Taper W: Changed the Uruk-hai bit — first, the spelling is always "orc", and second, goblins are orcs — there was hybridization among different orc tribes that went into the Uruk-hai and Saruman's half-orcs, but not a distinct goblin race to breed in.

The Blind: I've cut and pasted what appears to be a poorly-translated summary of fan fiction to right here. If anybody can think of a compelling reason to put it back and knows what the heck it's talking about, be my guest. If not, feel free to delete it for real.

Large Blunt Object: Hope the page quote and image aren't too much Warhammer 40k on one page, but the Space Marines really are the ur-example.


* Der ▄bersoldatten from Return to Castle Wolfenstein, naturally.
* The Fallout series' Supermutants.

Neither of these qualify. The ▄bersoldatten are near-mindless Frankensteinian reanimated corpses, despite the name, and are Super Soldiers only in that they're really good at killing players. The Super Mutants would qualify, but they were not specifically developed as soldiers.


Wouldn┤t the Gears from Gears of War qualify? The guys are built like tanks, move around with a speed and agility a normal athlete could hardly match while carrying all their equipment and heavy armor and, according to the novel, they need almost 3 times as much food as normal people. I┤d say that they mixed quite a few steroids and hormones into these guys┤ food during Basic.
  • They're a tricky one to be honest. While they certainly look a lot like Super Soldiers there's no in game suggestion that they're anything more than normal people. Perhaps the designers just have a Rob Liefeld approach to anatomy.

Tananjoh: Is it really the Emperor who says the opening quote? I am quite sure it is Roboute Guilliman.

zarpaulus: Okay, is there any real reason why Super Soldiers would be a good idea? I maintain that no matter how precise a bombing attack may be, you need infantry of some kind to capture something. And why not send infantry that are much better at their job than the normal kind, or at least one's that you can claim are better?