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Looney Toons: I'm sorry, Susan, but I can't help but envision Beowulf wildly swinging around the Crescent Moon Wand and bellowing at Grendel "In the name of the moon I will punish you!" It adds a certain something that the poem never had for me back in college. <grin>

Looney Toons: (another day) Corrected the salutation to the Lone Power; reference Diane Duane's Young Wizards website, here, very bottom of text.

Tabby: My mistake; the "eldest' part only appears in the Cats of Grand Central books. (Gee, wonder why I remember those books better?)

Looney Toons: Don't worry. It appears that Diane has wandered in and has corrected as necessary. (Hi, Diane! It's been ten years since we last traded greetings, but I'm someone you theoretically know!)

Morgan Wick: The entry deserves a fleshing out of the distinction between it and By the Power of Grayskull!. (I'm not suggesting that it's redundant, just that it seems to be at first.)

Ununnilium: How's that?

Diane Duane: Hi, LT! (waves)

Looney Toons: (Waves back) I don't want to use my real name here, but if I said Compuserve, Princeton University SF club circa 1984-5, and Philcon, it would probably help you narrow down the pool of candidates for who I am. <grin>

Across The Stars: OHMYGOD DIANE DUANE. *makes embarrassing fangirl noises*
Scifantasy: I think the Revolutionary Girl Utena entry qualifies under By the Power of Grayskull! instead of this. We see other characters recite the same phrase at the same time, suggesting that it's part of the sword-summoning ritual. The distinction is tricky, but...that's my thought, anyway.

Looney Toons: Huh? Are you thinking of the Black Rose arc? Even then, only the current champion ever invokes the power of Revolution...

Scifantasy: Actually, I'm thinking of Saionji and Touga, when they're the ones engaged. As you said, only the Champion invokes it, and it's part of the summoning. So that tells me that it's more of a By the Power of Grayskull! example. Now, the Black Rose duelists' announcement about how they're going to kill the Rose Bride...that's this kind, I think.

Looney Toons: I dunno — it doesn't actually seem to do anything by itself, which a By the Power of Grayskull! ought to. Utena's already had her Transformation Sequence, such as it is, by that point, she's already powered up. It's just a ritual declaration. And when she does get the power boost for her Finishing Move, she doesn't actually do anything to trigger it save just be there...

Sikon: Would Darkwing Duck's "I am the terror that flaps in the night..." qualify?

Looney Toons: I know we have a mention of it somewhere else, but I don't see why not.

Cassius335: Cleaned up the Den-O section a bit and added the PPGZ one. Both are from my knowledge of the TV-Nihon translations, mind you.

Chazzers: I haven't read the story, but the Beowulf example seems suspicious. Does he make the exact same speech whenever he meets an enemy and the exact same boast every time he's in a mead hall?

Cassius335: I'm similary suspiscious of the Captain Planet, which seems to be more a post-Invocation Catchphrase. By the wording ("By Your Powers combined" = He's addressing the Planeteers), I suspect it's a more grandiose version of "You have summoned me!" than something directed at an opponent. EDIT: Ok, taken it out.

Looney Toons: Sorry, Paul, but this:

  • This troper, when he was participating in a Usenet Newsgroup, would receive insults back from one or more participants, would trivialize their often weak and ineffectual attempts at being insulting, by making a response similar to "You are a [some form of pestilence] upon the universe, awaiting the [object of destruction] which will terminate your existence." like these two: "You are nothing but a hangnail on the finger of the universe, awaiting the clippers which will terminate your existence." and "You, sir, are nothing more than a boil on the ass of the universe, awaiting the lancet which will terminate your less-than-worthless existence." as shown here.

isn't relevant, as it's not an introductory speech, but a Take That! kind of thing. Plus, I am shocked and dismayed that your book, which by my estimate must contain three unique tropes for every two words in it (based on your interminable references to it in every other page), doesn't have anyone who announces himself to his opposition in this way. You clearly have failed in your mission.
Looney Toons: Nuked natter:

  • Wouldn't that be more Calling Your Attacks, since they're actually calling up their powers in that instance?

from the Captain Planet example. And the example is a mix, ending with an In the Name of the Moon uttered by the newly-reconstituted Captain.

Cassius335: Removed...

  • Parodied in Bleach with the "Justice Hachimaki" Urahara used for training Ichigo — it requires a ridiculously overblown In the Name of the Moon speech in order to be equipped, which Urahara added for no other reason than to annoy Ichigo (and to teach him that when people are trying to kill you, embarrassment should be the least of your worries).

That's By the Power of Grayskull! (and it was false anyway).
Scud East: Removed the parenthetical Natter from this remark about Sailor Moon:
  • Also, the phrase becomes an easy way to tell how well the early episodes were translated, as the better ones used the proper translation, while the realy Macekered ones used the "I will punish you" version. (I am sure that we have a trope for something that allows one to tell how good something is ala the odds and evens rule for the star trek movies, and if we dont, we should.)
And as a relative stranger both to Japanese culture and, still more, to Sailor Moon, I would also like to ask what the "proper translation" is. The page quote Sailor Moon example here uses the supposedly Macekred version. Should it be fixed?

(later): Many, many thanks to whoever clarified the text.

Behind the elbow, past my wrist. Look out evil! It's my fist!!!

Crowley: Where is that from? It's under the Green Lantern section, but I'm not getting it...