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Hey, the Final Fantasy VI example is listed more than once, maybe someone should take one out.

Patch: What about Lucca from Chrono Trigger?

Scrounge: So what is this trope, exactly? And would Catwoman's recent putfit with goggles qualify?

osh: Best way to save this entry could be to mention parts of outfits a character wears without any noticable or, more importantly, utilized function. I still recall Yuna's odd hoodie from Final Fantasy X-2...

Seth: Isnt this just Rummage Sale Reject

Citizen: Seth speaks the truth.

Tamsin: Is the trope referring to the way goggles are sometimes used as an indication of a character's leadership, courage, rashness (and other such things common to most of Digimon's goggle boys)? The only other examples I can think of are Naruto (in early episodes) and Cooro from the manga +Anima.

Tanto: As near as I can tell, this "trope" is just someone taking a name they liked out of the bin and writing something — anything — that even remotely fits it. Which annoys me — it's a good name.

Citizen: Well actually... one could make a point of the difference: Rummage Sale Reject is about the fashion train wreck aspect, with the weird mix-match of styles. Goggles Do Nothing could be more along the lines of how those accessories (not just goggles) are never actually used for their intended purpose: goggles never used to even cover the eyes, belts that don't hold anything up, etc... Is this better?

Cassius335: Yeah... Tanto, Twas me. Sorry, I thought that's what names in the Title Bin were for. Besides, The name just rang a chord so strong I couldn't resist. Tasmin pretty much already said what I was thinking: In Digimon, Goggles pretty much are the symbol of the leader (and courage and so on).

I think Osh and Citizen have the right idea in suggested expanding this other items which are present but never (or almost never) utilised.

Morgan Wick: The bin's description makes it sound like it's the point, but it's supposed to be a place to save good titles so they can be brought up. Even to the extent that that is the point, it's supposed to serve as a brainstorm session for good tropes. Use YKTTW to ensure you're not simply being a fool and proposing a stretch or duplicating an existing trope.

Or am I completely off base?

Tanto: I don't think so. It seems fairly self-evident that any entries coming out of the Title Bin have to be worthy tropes in and of themselves. I'd hate to see a good name wasted on a reach.

The whole "meaningless/ignored accessories" idea seems good, though, if it's not duping something else.

Tamsin: Incidentally, I can't remember Davis actually using his goggles. He actually lampshades this in episode 9 ("The Emperor's New Home"); everyone is being blinded by Skull Greymon exploding a Control Spire and he says, "I should probably have put on my goggles!"

Ununnilium: I believe he did so while flying around on Exveemon's back.

Ununnilium: What about Robotnik and Syaoran?

Tamsin: D'oh. Missed out half the sentence.

Ununnilium: Taking 'em out, because their goggles don't actually seem to be useless:

  • Video game example: Doctor Robotnik / Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog wears goggles.
  • Syaoran from Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- wears goggles (although, seeing as he starts the series working on ruins in a desert, they could be for keeping sand out of his eyes).

Cassius335: Haven't had a chance to watch all of Tsubasa yet: But outside of the first ep, how often is he actually in a desert?

Cassius335: Nice to see this page looking so healthy.

K.o.R: Just a note: Takato in Digimon Tamers actually did use his goggles for their intended purpose: the appearance in the real world of the Monster of the Week was accompanied by a thick fog which the heroes wore sunglasses, or in Takato's case, his goggles, while running through it.

Andyroid: Moved the simpsons "example" to Memetic Mutation; that's not what this trope is about. Also, learn to freakin' spell, or at least proofread.

Grev: Am I the only one who originally thought Hellboy's horn stumps were goggles?
Meiriona: I saw the Simpsons 'My eyes! The goggles do nothing' example in AMV Hell 3 used as a sub for ASTROBOY, maybe that's where it came from originally? I dunno, it may have been added for AMV Hell 3, considering the nature of the series, but it looked pretty well done....

Antheia: I thought that clip was from Rockman, not Astroboy? Hence the "we built this city on Rock and Roll"...

Haven: Love the image XD Is that a shinigami from Death Note?

fleb: I never saw one like that in the series, but the filename says 'special,' so it's probably one from a special.

AKK: Isn't this technically a subversion of Chekov's Gun? In this case, the "gun" shows up, is put to use, then found to be useless.
Vampire Buddha: Removed a pile of natter and aversions:


Cut this:

Although originally a quote from The Simpsons, it's also a meme in Digimon fandom, where most lead characters were distinguished by wearing aviator goggles that they never used.

Because a), it's a meme in fandom in general, and was never specific to Digimon, and b), it's an example (and also listed as such) awkwardly shoehorned into the intro.