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"Whatever happens, we have got
The Maxim gun, and they have not."
—Hilaire Belloc


"The Maxim gun only had one barrel."

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  • Day Of Defeat shows us what a heavy machine gun really feels like if you fire it without laying it down first: Utterly unusable. And it's not even a Gatling gun! other words, it has nothing to do with this page?


Phartman: Why is everyone so incredulous about hand-cranked Gatlings in 19th-Century settings? The real Gatling was hand-cranked! Does anyone actually try looking this stuff up, or do they just assume that no repeating guns existed before World War II?


Rocket Racoon...doesn't he have a thirty foot tall super-strong buddy? If you got a guy who can brace you with ease, firing a huge gatling gun would be, well, easier.

Firefly: Koei's Warship Gunner games have a whole family of these weapons... in Warship Gunner 2, top dog in this tree is a 406mm Gatling cannon. Special note: they are brutally effective in the first game; in the second, this brutality is restricted to the initial enemy layout. Enemies using the second (NewGamePlus) layout are substantially more resistant, though... ...although with high-end autoloaders and fire-delay systems, more conventional guns (up to and including 100cm tubes) can really crank into MoreDakka territory.

regarding zoids, that's another hilarious example of their engrish (Schubaltz, anyone?).. it's HYBRID vulcan cannon. Someone put a strikethrough in and link to engrish or something.. that.. would be good.
Man Without A Body: What's the difference between this trope and More Dakka?
(random passer-by) I always thought high-ROF electric autocannon sounded like a chainsaw, actually.