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10:18:39 AM Apr 14th 2012
Gatling Non-Guns.

There's times in less serious works when something hand-cranked ends up USED like a machine gun. The ones I'm thinking of are an Animaniacs episode where Dot uses Wakko to fire hard candy, and a Three Stooges short where bullets fall into a sausage/meat grinder and fires when cranked. Should this be counted as invoking the trope?
11:31:31 AM Apr 14th 2012
edited by Martello
As long as it uses the Gatling mechanic, it's fine. Multiple barrels in a more or less circular arrangement spinning and only firing out of one at a time. If the mechanic is different, it's not this trope. For example, the MBS-9M .50 Caliber Hydra machine gun from Avatar is not this trope because all three barrels fire simultaneously and don't spin. Even though it's clearly based on the GAU-19/A .50-Caliber Gatling gun, it's not the same thing.
10:37:10 PM Apr 15th 2012
edited by Qaianna
I'm referring to things that aren't even guns normally, yet using the hand-cranking concept to act like a gatling gun. Despite the fact that he had crosshairs, Wakko Warner from Animaniacs is not normally a machinegun of any kind. The idea being whether it's invoked by the hand-crank turning kind of thing or not. If not, what sort of concept should we call that? I'm reluctant to head on over to launch it based on what I have so far..
08:33:18 AM Apr 16th 2012
Hmm, do you have a link to the video? If I can see what you mean exactly I might be able to help.
02:12:06 AM Apr 22nd 2012
At 6:38 in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUbHvTwOtiA is the Animaniacs one. I don't remember the Stooges' version's episode title. And ... well, at 32:23 in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsixRtMKUCk&hd=1
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