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Andrew1990M: Naruto returns from his Sage Training with a Badass Longcoat, only for him to seemingly never wear it again after defeating Pain.
Mar Xidad: Doesn't mad max have a longcoat in Return To Thunderdome when he arrives in barter town?
Licky Lindsay: I always thought this trope came from the trench coats popularly associated with detectives and spies. Dick Tracy, etc.
Tanto: I'm not sure I'd characterize Grit as a badass. He's awesome, for sure, but too laid-back to really fit that role.
Seth: Image hotlinked, bad contributor, no cookie.
Qit el-Remel: Auron, from Final Fantasy X, is nearly the archetype of Badass Longcoat. Why isn't he on the list? :(

Robert Bingham: ...aaand added. Enjoy.
I keep misreading the title as "Badass Longcat".

When did Sherlock Holmes wear a trenchcoat? Did trenchcoats even exist in the 1880s, when Sherlock Holmes first appeared? (I thought they originated in World War I.) Maybe you're thinking of a frock coat? Sherlock Holmes could easily make a frockcoat look badass.

Daibhid C: The "billowing trenchcoat", I think, is actually an Inverness cape (essentially a sleevelesss long coat with a short cape built into it to cover the arms). Which, like the deerstalker, is countryside wear, so Holmes would only really wear if a case took him outside the city.

Isn't Carmen Sandiego the best possible example of this? :::Swoon:::

Madrugada: Got a question about on of the examples — The Metal Gear Solid one. Most of the images I found of Pschyo Mantis showed no coat at all. the ones of Otacon showed either a short jacket or a long coat. The action figures followed the same pattern — no coat with the psycho Mantis and a long coat on the Otacon figures. Are either of the noted for wearing a long coat, to the point that it would be considered an important part of their outfit?

Melloncollie: From the article: "A Badass Trenchcoat is never closed." What? Where did this rule come from? What about Rorschach?

Madrugada: Part of the visual of the Badass Longcoat is the billowing, sweeping out, or swirling around as the person moves. A trench coat that's buttoned doesn't do that. Like I said in the forums, it's not a Badass Longcoat simply because the character wearing it is a Badass.

Madrugada: This trope is about the garment. I've cut these examples because they don't even have a basic description of the garment. "Joe Sixpack has one." is not an example. Neither is "Joe Sixpack who ...(paragraph and a half about why he's a Badass)... sometimes wears one." "Joe Sixpack wears a brown leather duster that he got from his dying father" is. Please expand on them before replacing them on the main page.

Anime and Manga:

Comic Books:

  • The Punisher, particularly by Garth Ennis.
    • The Boys, which is written entirely by Ennis.
    • The Saint of Killers from Preacher, also written entirely by Ennis.
  • Nextwave, where the longcoat is an issued part of the uniform for the main characters (who still wear tights underneath). Other examples of the Badass Longcoat Over Tights (see also Civvie Spandex):
    • Gambit of X-Men fame.
    • Static (whose baggy coat in the comics somehow manages to look more badass than the neatly-tailored one from the cartoon)
    • Blade, as also mentioned in Film.
    • Midnighter of The Authority.
    • Rogue wore one for a while, having apparently taken a fashion cue from Gambit.
  • Bruce Wayne's son Damian wears one as Batman in Batman #666.
  • Ivan Isaacs of Priest wears one of these.
  • These are what amounts to The Boys' uniform, contrasted with the capes-and-spandex look of the superheroes they keep in line.
  • Commissioner Gordon



Live action TV:

Dr Who section:
* Captain Jack Harkness is an example of this trope, as is the Tenth Doctor: definitely a badass, and practically epitomizes this trope. Both are from Doctor Who as well as Torchwood.
  • Donna Noble wears a long coat in the episode Turn Left during which she is the only one who can save the world.
  • The Fourth Doctor fits this trope.

Farscape section:
** Hell, virtually everyone gets the Badass Longcoat treatment as the show progresses. D'Argo's costume progression is notable, and Aeryn and Crais get their own Badass Longcoat moments in later seasons.

Video Games:

Final Fanstasy section:
** Villainous example: Sephiroth of Final Fantasy VII, who also bears the distinction of being the White-Haired Pretty Boy of the game.

  • Keats from Folklore - especially when he activates his hidden powers.
  • Walnut from Phantom Brave.
  • Endorph from Soul Nomad & the World Eaters They are the same person.
  • Vermilion from the Battle Arena Toshinden series, who's also a Gunslinging Blood Knight.

  • Mickey Mouse in Kingdom Hearts 2. Yes, you read that right.
    • The "Organization XIII" coat in general.

  • Sanger Zonvolt from the Super Robot Wars series wears his Badass Longcoat even in space. If his cockpit suffered a hole or he needed to eject he would die but he would looks badass while doing it.
    • Shu Shirakawa also comes with a Badass Longcoat. He probably won it during his graduation and receiving the Ph.D title.

  • Clive from Wild ARMs 3 and Jack from the original Wild ARMs.
  • Croix from La Pucelle Tactics, with the added bonus of blowing about in a nonexistent wind when he rises to a god-like level of badass.
  • Wild Dog from Time Crisis dons a Badass Longcoat in the third and fourth games of the series, and throws it off to the side before proceeding to wipe the floor with your ass.
  • Syndicate put you in command of a whole squad of cyborg gangsters (with miniguns) wearing Badass Longcoats.
  • Kane from Command & Conquer series probably sleeps with his longcoat on. He dies more than twice during the course of the games and is the greatest badass and Magnificent Bastard in the series.
  • Boomerang in the remake of Wild ARMs 1.
  • Kite's Xth form in .hack//Link gets one.


Web Originals:

  • Parodied by Trenchcoat from Vatsy and Bruno, who is a mockery/pastiche of the Private Investigator/Longcoat stereotype. He dictates everything that happens to him in a persistent, hard-boiled monologue.

Western Animation:

  • Caleb in W.I.T.C.H..
  • Cyclops gets one in Wolverine and the X Men and uses it to great effect. In fact, he effectively becomes the bad ass of the team and subverts the usual relationship between Wolverine and Cyclops.
  • The Batman had D.A.V.E with a Bad Ass Longcoat.
  • Cad Bane combines this with a Nice Hat to becomes one hell of a Complete Monster Ensemble Darkhorse.
    • Another thing from the animated Star Wars serieses. The kama, a Mandalorian skirt-like piece of clothing that is designed to protect your legs from shrapnel. It may look girly, but it also looks DAMN COOL.
  • In An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, Fievel wears one in a dream sequence, and later in the movie wears one for real.
  • Dib from Invader Zim. (What? He's pretty badass for an eleven-year-old.)

Real Life:

Not longcoats:
  • Alex Rowe on Last Exile. (cape, not coat)
  • Dr Stein from Soul Eater, rocks the rare Badass Labcoat. (Belongs on Badass Labcoat — already there)
  • Pretty heavily subverted in Ranma ˝. Mousse routinely wears long Chinese robes as his signature outfit, and his first appearance makes him out as strong and capable. Then something goofy happens (in the manga, the concrete roller he sliced in half falls on his head and knocks him out, in the anime, he starts wolfing down the bowl of ramen he just did an acrobatic routine with without spilling) and his "Bad Ass Cred" is gone in an instant, firmly establishing him as something of the Butt-Monkey. Shinnosuke seems to be a Bad Ass marital artist in a janitor's uniform who is a master of fighting with a pushbroom... but he has such a horrible memory he just keeps making an idiot of himself by, say, stumbling headfirst into his own boobytraps. (Long Robe not this one)
  • Black Canary occasionally wears one. Fishnets, fighting boots, martial arts, and longcoat. Yeah. (I was unable to find any picture of Canary in a longcoat. She wears a short jacket if she's wearing any kind of coat at all.)

Madrugada: Took this example off the main page:

since if the only thing that isn't a spoiler is the name of the work, it doesn't serve much use as an example. So, does this really need to be completely spoilered?