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Cassy: I'm not sure I understand the difference between this trope and pre-existing tropes under Artistic License - Biology and They Just Didn't Care. Can someone explain?

Po8: I agree: this page is the You Fail Biology Forever annex. It should be merged to there and deleted.

Eric DVH: I think the difference is that YFBF occurs when a work makes claims about biology that are blatantly incorrect, because the author actually imagines that's how it works, but AMB is done on purpose by authors who clearly know better.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: I think the comparison to Acceptable Breaks from Reality fits here. I'd cite Artistic License, but no one else does — which is the problem. This is for Artistic License - Biology type stuff that is necessary for the work, and for stuff that simply was not known when the work was written. (Where science has not yet gone in biology, art majors are the only ones with any idea.) Artistic License - Biology is for gratuitous biology failures, especially ones that are ridiculous.

thatother1dude: Then, as I stated before, this becomes a frustrating exercise arguing over when it's "accidental/inept" and "intentional/necessary", not to mention Artistic License - Biology is just a category with unsorted examples not for "especially gratuitous/ridiculous" examples. Really, half the stuff under You Fail Biology forever is completely necessary for a concept to exist in a work of fiction (plasmid cannot do what they can in Bioshock, but nothing else can do anything like that, so it might as well be plasmids).

Dragon Quest Z: Wait. You want to cutlist in favor of the name with negative connotations? Tropes Are Tools, or have you forgotten. And the point of Artistic License - Biology is being a Sub-Trope of Did Not Do The Research, while this is a Sub-Trope of Artistic License. And how dare you use example confusion as a reason to cut a trope. We have the trope repair shop for sorting out examples.

thatother1dude: I don't care which name becomes the "main" trope (in fact, I would be fine if this one did, because it's clearer that Tropes Are Not Bad and not a place to give every story shit for being unrealistic even if it was never supposed to be slightly realistic) just that you don't have both because it becomes one of those things where there are separate articles who's difference in definition becomes a flimsy pretext to separate "good" and "bad" examples. It's the same reason for Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped becoming a Sugar Wiki thing, and why I don't think Showy Invincible Hero should have been made.
The only way I think this could be a separate trope is if it kept references to people who we have actual proof were deliberately invoking Artistic License when it comes to biology (like the thing it says about Osamu Tezuka).
And I'm not saying example confusion is my issue, just what Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan is claiming the difference between the two isn't grounds for them being a separate trope.

Dragon Quest Z: Then we could restrict the examples and drop this cutting thing. And this is NOT the "good" version. Some of these could be crap shows that still use this trope (and yes, there are some examples of that).

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: I've done some edits. Doublecheck? (And removed the entire Furry Fandom section for the moment, since that was a hotbed of confusion — sorry.)

thatother1dude: I suppose if we keep it clear that the parameters of this trope is the central premise of something ignoring how blatantly impossible it is, instead of it being some incorrect reference to biological terminology or fact (the thing about Northern Renaissance painting is a very good example). Simply put "the impossible happens" vs. "the way something is said to be happening is impossible"
The bigger thing is that many examples of Artistic License - Biology are probably better off on this page.
The same goes with examples between Artistic License - Physics and Art Major Physics (the later especially needs cleanup).

Dragon Quest Z: Assumed you made a typo, so I corrected it. If you didn't, go ahead and revert it. If not, go ahead and work on cleaning it up.
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: I have been moving examples from Artistic License - Biology to here. I suspect that a high percentage of the ones for Bee Movie should be moved back, but I'm not sure how much.