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Skrcha: Re-added Aladdin back to the list. It fits perfectly, and I have no idea why you deleted it in the first place.

From Chickification:

The process is seen straight and in reverse on Code Lyoko: Yumi originally fit the profile of The Lancer, but she is also the love interest of The Hero, and it just wouldn't be right if he didn't constantly have to rescue her. So, despite her seasonal power upgrade with the rest of the team, Yumi has become more and more incompetent in combat, and always the first to lose all her Life Points. At the same time, the original Chick Aelita has acquired energy blasts, wings, and gotten quite proficient at flying the Overboard to the point where Jeremy claims she's got the best stats of all the Lyoko Warriors. This shift in status is most likely due to the unique status quo of the Five Man Band — Aelita is the love interest of The Smart Guy Jeremy, who, rather than The Hero Ulrich, is also the team leader.

Nobody likes it, it's sad that this trope had to happen, but it did. Admitting it happened doesn't mean we hold anything against Yumi, just against the writers.
Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Removed Aladdin and Rugrats. If it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit. Also, I contest the placement of Petrie and Beast Boy in the role of "The Smart Guy". Littlefoot and Cyborg are clearly the brains of their respective groups, even if they also fill another role. We really need to add "the goofy guy" or something like that to Five Man Band (if only as an auxillary member), because a lot of groups that fit Five Man Band otherwise have an odd one out who fills this role better than anything else. They just get shoehorned into some other role instead.

I changed Justice League around, because Wonder Woman shows no Chickish tendencies at all in the show (in the comics, she's compassionate and a diplomat, but in the show, she's just randomly ticked off most of the time). The Flash is much more the Chick, he tried to mend the dispute between WW and Hawkgirl, he's the "team conscience" ect. WW is a Big Guy along with Hawkgirl and GL.


Taelor Removed entries for 9 from both the Western Animation article, and from Film, as they do not match. Can someone more familliar with the work please sort out where it belongs, and which line up (if any) is correct?

From Western Animation: 9
The Hero  9 
The Lancer 7Despite being the only female (apparently), 7 is more of The Lancer than the Chick.
The Big Guy  8 
The Smart Guy  2 
The Chick  5Despite not being female, 5 fits this role better than 7.
The Mentor  1Though he likes to beleive that he's The Hero.
Tagalong Kid  6 
Team Pet  3 and 4 

And From Film: 9
The Hero 9
The Lancer 1
Action Girl 7
The Big Guy 8
The Smart Guy and Tag Along Kid 3, 4
The Chick and The Medic 5
The Sixth Ranger 6
The Mentor 2

Great Pikmin Fan: Is there any way to work Total Drama Island into this? I think it's better off by seperating the two seasons (other wise the thing would be one serious mess of overlaping).