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08:42:42 AM Dec 22nd 2010
edited by DouglasFir
Before this page disappeared and was restarted, it was split into Western Animation A-M and Western Animation N-Z. This page is now supposed to be an index to those two pages. Does anyone plan to fix that?
12:51:41 PM Dec 7th 2010
edited by ProgenyExMachina
...Am I going crazy, or did this page vanish? O.o It's redlinked and everything...
12:57:20 PM Dec 11th 2010
Yeah, what happened? :(
08:42:16 AM Nov 16th 2010
edited by HarleyQuinnhyenaholic
In Futurama, just because Fry is an Idiot Hero, doesn't mean he's not The Hero. Count the times he's saved the planet, or even the universe, as compared to the other characters. The focus of the show is usually on him. Count the times he's made some kind of Heroic Sacrifice. In I, Roommate he's willing to live in a robot's apartment to make his friend Bender happy (he didn't know about the closet when he agreed). In Parasites Lost he loves Leela so much that he gives up having worms so she will love him, and not the worms. In Bender's Big Score, he loves Leela so much that he comes to be glad that she's happy, even if it's not with him, refuses to marry her because he's doomed, and then goes on to die for her. In Wild Green Yonder he thinks he's the Dark One and is willing to kill himself to save everybody. Not to mention the times he's saved the universe from giant Brains, Mom, and Omicron Persei 8.

True, he's not too bright. True, he gets lucky a lot. True, him saving the day often relies on other characters being stupid too. True, he can be somewhat selfish and cowardly sometimes.

Regardless, Fry is the central protragonist and hero of the show more often than any other character. Without Leela, Futurama would lack most of its romance and a lot of butt-kicking but without Fry there wouldn't be a show at all.
05:15:22 AM Apr 20th 2010
Brainbin, Just because Jude screams "Supporting Character" dosen't mean he IS one. You see, not every hero is a leader. Luke Skywalker has a lower military rank then Han Solo, and it was Luke who was the POV character. There are also some Super Sentai shows with the Lancer as official leader, Heck, Megared was nothing but a Stooge to the other Megarangers. And we understand how Code Lyoko's Ulrich wasn't the leader of HIS team.

So Please, Don't go supporting some Jerkass, Leisure Suit Larry-esq con-artist with a poor job security as The Hero, just let me fix the list back as it was.

BTW, I don't even like Jonsey that much to even call him a hero.
06:05:54 AM Apr 20th 2010
I agree, Jonesy is too self-centered to be called The Hero.
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