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Like, for example, saying \
Like, for example, saying \\\"Taoism and Christianity is muturally exclusive\\\" is a myth.

I think it\\\'s impossible to mix two different faiths together like that and still being considered the part of those respective religion (ie, I don\\\'t consider people mixing Taoism and Christianity as \\\"true christians\\\").

At least, I don\\\'t believe that it\\\'s possible to mix Christianity with other religions without me considering their faith to be something else.

The only exception I\\\'m okay with is practising Jewish tradition, but that\\\'s only because Christianity is a decendant of Judaism.

Of course, you may believe differently.

DON\\\'T try to debate my beliefs, as I don\\\'t want to start debates based upon it. I want to respect other people\\\'s beliefs (dispite me thinking, \\\"Christianity is the only one that\\\'s true\\\").

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