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Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Mar 27th 2012 at 8:29:56 PM

Enchanters dust-

Enchanter's dust is a magical ingredient used in spells, potions and combat. It is made from grinding up stones which have aether locked within them as well has herbs, and metal shavings.

The main purpose of enchanter's dust is to sprinkle it over the thing that is too be enchanted thus increasing the chance of success and the power of the enchantment.

Though it has found other uses as well, In combat it can be thrown on to a friend for foe to have the same effect. This also increases the strength of illusions, and while lingering in the air, any spell cast through the dust has a chance of amplifying.

The dust itself can be pre-enchanted, creating a dust of that spell.

Effect on aether draining / sensing creatures-

Enchanter's dust is a great line of defense against creatures like Nigh Kin as it fills the air with with lingering aether packed dust, plus it has the normal blinding effect throwing sand and metal shavings in someones eyes has. If a mage is being tracked by their aether this dust can easily throw even the best trackers off scent.

Dispelling the dust- a strong gust of wind and easily get rid of the dust, but if that isn't available casting a few spells into the dust with effectually rending it just normal dust, at the cost of amplifying the spell.

Use in potions- when used in non-magical potions it has aether restoring properties at the cost of some internal damage which is typical when swallowing rocks and metal shaving. When added to magical potions it increases the effect and duration.

Another way this can be used is by pouring a potion over the dust and allowing the dust to absorb the potions effects.

False-Dust - Not everyone's dust is up to the same standards, and novice mages can easily be tricked, False dust is just that a cheap rip off with little to no dust of any power in the container. Some people selling have some what of a heart though, often mixing half of the dust in with stuff like sands or rocks, effective making it half as effective at enchanting but just as effective as bag of sand would be.


Elemental branding-

This is a controversial magical practice that several countries have forbidden, though others have no issues or simply place restrictions on the practice. It manipulates the way aether changes objects, in this case people. The result is an increase of power but at a small but grave risk.

Elemental branding is done by laying on a specially crafted rack which slowly infuses the body with elemental aether via specially created runes. It usually takes a few uses to create a noticeable change, know as an Aether-base. While these changes are small and cosmetic at best, prolonged use increases the power, changes and risks.

The more a person is exposed the greater their risks increase, but in turn they have more power for longer. Those who use it extensively are sometimes *

called Half-Elemental.


Creating a base takes 10 to 20 days of exposure based on the person. 1-2 hour of exposure 22 hours of rest. Once the base is created it takes 3-5 days to see magical changes. After this point the risks steadily increase. The chances of running into theses risks increases by a fraction every 10-20 times they're branded.

The base usually last 7-10 days, slowly fading in power during those times. Those who have branded for years have been known to go months without losing power, however.



Light exposure, causes an increase in body heat, They find it easier to cast fire magic. Their skin shifts into red-ish orange hue, as does their eyes and they steadily become more resistant to fire.

Moderate exposure, causes fever like temperatures to be the norm. Their fire spells grow in power often creating massive, high temperature flames from simple spells. They coloring in their skin increases further, as well as their hair and finger nails also changing color. Finally by this level of exposure they are fully immune to fire.

High exposure, Their skin is burning to the touch at all times, a walking fire hazard. their spells are so hot they burn blue. They are wreathed in fire, Their is now a deep shade of red or orange sometimes both, and fire seems to flow off of their eyes. With a single touch they can heat up objects to the level which they combust. And finally they no longer need air to survive, replacing it with the same need as a fire: fuel to burn.


Light exposure, causes Water based spells are easier to cast. In addition their skin often becomes paler and moister. Finally they gain the ability to breath underwater.

Moderate exposure, causes them to become cold-blooded, and causes them to be able to generate large amount of water from their spells. They become high resistant to the cold, and their skin becomes white and reflective.

High exposure causes, an immunity to cold temperatures, they find themselves wreathes in water and ice. They can produce water without the use of spells and manipulate it, finally their skin becomes super reflective like that or a mirror.


Light exposure, causes a darkening of the skin to light gray or light brown. Earth spells becomes easier to cast, and their skin get's slightly tougher.

Moderate exposure, causes the Skin darken to dark gray or brown, as well as rock like armor patches to form on the skin. Finally they can the ability to manipulate near by sand and rocks with a thought.

High exposure, causes bits of earth and sand float around the person, They gain the ability to manipulate massive portions of the earth with a thought. Finally their skin and hair becomes highly rock like and armored.


Light exposure, causes them to gain the power to manipulate the air around them to create small breezes at will. In addition they gain the ability to hold their breath for longer.

Moderate exposure, causes them to be Surrounded by a gust of wind at all times, they can easily create massive gusts from much smaller spells, and can even glide through the air, and negate fall damage.

High exposure, causes Wind swirl around them at a rapid rate, allowing them to deflect arrows and such without worry. They can call upon power storm force winds with the flick of a wrist and even fly long distances at great speeds.


Light exposure causes their eyes glow in the dark, they also gain a static aura with amps up their electricity based spells.

Moderate exposure, causes them to be able to call lighting with ease, their skin gains a slight purple-ish blue tint and they are always charged with electricity as well as high resistant to damage from it.

High exposure, causes their eyes glow pure white, their skin comes a deep shade purple-ish-blue skin. They can fully manipulate electricity from calling lighting from storms to manipulating bio electric currents, in addition they are fully immune to the effects of electricity.



The bodies ability to contain the elemental energies fails and the element begins to slowly eat at the creatures basic make up. Fire slowly burning them from the inside, the burn so slow and tiny it might not even be noticeable for weeks. Water and air break down the body to the point where it can on longer heal and then even retain it's form, electricity which causes the body and minds signals to misfire rapidly, and earth which slowly turns to cells to stone one at a time.

This is not a guaranteed death, if it is discovered early it can be treated with healing magic, and stabling magic but the treatments are long and nothing short of a miracle will cause it to fade over night. It's likely something the person will have to fight off their entire life.

The immunities some brands grant at high levels are not present during the break downs. In fact being hurt by the power of your own brand is often the first sign of the break down.


Brands do not work well with other brand. They either cancel each other out or near immediately start to break down the body due to over loading.

Also I'll ask again did one of those ideas last round give spireroc a creator cause I left that ambiguous for a reason.

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God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Mar 28th 2012 at 12:08:24 AM

[up]They didn't name them specifically, but cited them as possible co-creators of the Sky Whales.

God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Mar 28th 2012 at 12:38:13 AM

The Duergar and the Elemental Brands

The Duergar are cited as the original basis of initial creation of the Elemental Branding process. The slow transformation and even the fatal consequences strongly resemble the transformation of this race.


Low exposure causes the usual pigmentation shifts, brown or green in the skin, green or red in the hair and the eyes ranging over the color of any flower. They are resistant to natural poisons. Nature magic becomes easier form them and they become more energetic in the sunlight.

Moderate exposure result in them being able to absorb water and nutrition from dirt through their skin and they perform true photosynthesis. They can live entirely this way. They are immune to natural poisons. Nature magic is second-nature.

High exposure, symbiotic plants grow from their body which they have complete control of, giving them flower powers like root tentacles, mind-effecting scents, poison thorns, etc. Death is caused by the out of control growth of these plants turning them into walking fertilizer.

Hrod's Elemental Brigade

The Black Empire's various sectors are normally pressured to outlaw Elemental Branding and even so in the capital sector. However, one of Hrod's elite group of soldiers are volunteers for Elemental Branding, with the Black Emperor's personal supervision. Sufferers of Elemental-xcution are well-cared for, or put to death by Hrod himself if they do not wish to suffer living their magical cancer.

Fairy Dust

A slang term for Enchanter's Dust, specifically in the context when it is used a drug. Imbibed in various ways, it is an hallucinogen, stimulant and steroid enhancer of physical, mental and magical ability. Its effects are mania, confidence, delusions of grandeur and anything delightful. Their is a possible chance of a horrible crash, where everything is terribly reversed. It is highly addictive and quickly and extremely damaging to the mind and body. Addicts do not last long.

Of course, normal pure Enchanter's Dust will not do. Imbibing that will only cause somewhere between nothing and a quick death. It must be cut with something, like sand. The selling of False-Dust is likely what lead to the spread of this practice.

Exelixi Lesbarian from Alchemist's workshop Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Mar 28th 2012 at 6:52:44 AM

My Internet is down; I may be gone for anywhere from a day to a week.

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Sijo from Puerto Rico
Mar 28th 2012 at 7:24:18 AM

[up]Ugh, I've been there, sorry to hear that. I'll hold back the next ballot until you return.

God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Mar 28th 2012 at 2:01:50 PM

OOC Stuff


I recommend switching from '-urgy' to '-turgy' for when the prefix ends in a vowel. It makes it easier to say. Pyroturgy as opposed to pyrourgy or pyrurgy.

Open Creativity License

Something similar to WotC's and Newground's Audio Portal's license, to allow anyone use our stuff.


We should RP in our world at some point, yeah? Either on here or maybe we could do it on a chatroom. I recommend Darkmyst because I'm on Darkmyst and it's convenient for -me-. Me, me, me.

Hey, I'm Writing A Story

Hey, I'm writing a story trying to use some of the stuff established in this setting.

God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Mar 28th 2012 at 4:12:33 PM


A play on words with the suffix '-urgeon' and 'Sorcery' as an alternative to Disciple. '-urgeon' is itself an alternative to '-urgist', such as Pyroturgeon as opposed to Pyroturgist. Along with 'Surgeon', 'Wizurgeon', 'Magurgeon' and other words were used made-up by the same people but it was Surgeon that popularized and became wide spread.

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Exelixi Lesbarian from Alchemist's workshop Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Mar 29th 2012 at 1:05:28 PM

-Turgy is a legit suffix (as seen by the original word for magic, thaumaturgy), and I agree with you there. If it rolls off the tongue better, use it.

Now, chatroom-based stuff is no good for me at the time; perhaps in two months it will work, but not right now.

Yeah, I'm back.

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Mar 29th 2012 at 5:03:42 PM

Black Empire Facts #3 Cont

Measurement System Cont

Despite the popularity of feet, since it remains a hold over of old customs simply standardized, most Black Imperials do not use skulls. Or rather, they do, they just replaced 'skulls' with 'stones', using another hold over and standardizing it, which Hrod has mostly accepted. 1 Stone = 1 Skull = 2 pounds. 100 Rocks = 1 Stone, 100 Pebbles = 1 Rock, 100 Sands = 1 Pebble, 100 Stones = 1 Boulder, 10 Boulders = 1 Ton, 100 Boulders = 1 Hill, 100 Hills = 1 Mountain or 1 Megaton, 100 Mountains = 1 Range, 10 Ranges = 1 Gigaton, 100 Ranges = 1 Mass, 100 Masses = 1 World.

1 World = 100 Masses = 1000 Gigatons = 10,000 Ranges = 1,000,000 Mountains or Megatons = 100,000,000 Hills = 1 billion Tons = 10 billion Boulders = 1 trillion Stones = 2 trillion pounds

Sijo from Puerto Rico
Mar 29th 2012 at 6:43:58 PM

"Turgy" sounds rather turgid to me.

-*runs away * [lol]

Ahem. Nice to have you back, Exel. I will be posting the next ballot soon (but not tonight, I have things to do.)

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Mar 29th 2012 at 9:27:46 PM

Black Empire Facts #3.2

Family Names, Marriage and Children

This is a tradition adopted from the swamp troll queendom and modified for use by bigendered humanoids. It is not the only tradition, the Black Empire being a multicultural mess, but it has become the most wide spread and has done so actually before the rise of the Black Prince.

A child will have two family names, the primary and the secondary. The primary is placed at end and when calling someone Ms. or Mr., that is the one used. A girl will have her mother's primary family name as her primary, and her father's primary as her secondary, and visa-versa for a boy. At marriage, each spouse will take their opposite's primary name as their tertiary name, placed after their secondary name but before their primary. This is called the exchanging of names.

In homosexual couples with adopted children, what names the child gets used to be unclear. The Black Emperor enforced a policy, that a new last name would be created for the adopted child by fusing the four family names of the two parents. This can be ignored if the involved parties agree on something else but note that their is actual government position whose sole job is to create these names and gods help the child who gets them on a bad day with a series of names that can possibly be fused into something insulting.

For a time, homosexual couples were required to adopt. This policy appeared seven hundred years ago and disappeared and reappeared repeatedly for four hundred years. These days, homosexual couples are merely highly encouraged to adopt.

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Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Mar 30th 2012 at 12:00:57 AM

Gargoyles -

Originally created by the God of Stone and Masonry to protect his churches and masonry schools, he later started giving them out to other churches and even kingdoms as form of protection, and eventually even taught early humanoid mages how to craft them.

Prime-Gargoyles- These are massive stone guardians which sometimes stand taller than giants. These are the gargoyles which were created by The god of stone and masonry himself. They wear stone armor and carry massive stone weapons which is blessed, they appear as statues when stationary and show no signs of life, though when the area they have been tasked with guarding is threatened they spring to life, and relentlessly attack what ever is threatening the area. Due to their rock solid bodies and lack of organs they will continue fighting until no part of them can move. As being created by a god they all have wings which are capable a flight, and can flight quite well despite their weight. Their eyesight is Superior to most humans in that they can see in darkness and sense auras.

Gargoyles- The first Golems-

Theses were created by man using the secrets given to them by the God of stone and masonry. These gargoyles were much smaller often being around the size of a human if not smaller. Their weapons and armor are not naturally blessed, nor can they fly as well as primes. Flight to them is best used to jump higher. In addition to prevent them from being misused they were made so that they stop moving when exposed to the light of the sun.

It's often said that golems were first created by looking at the Gargoyles for inspiration and building upon their strengths and limitations. Sadly the way to create gargoyles appears to have been lost to time, and not many made gargoyles exists today, those who are still functioning act as guardians to old ruins and homesteads.

Both gargoyles are pretty intelligent being able to speak, reason and even debate with the average humanoid on equal footing.

Torq, The God of Stone and Masonry -

Torq is one of the oldest celestial gods, dating back to the stone-age. The form of the gargoyle is based of the form he first took when speaking with men. His churches and temples are often massive stone and brick fortress which act as testaments to early engineering. Even as technology progresses he is still worshiped as the foundations of many buildings are made of stone, as are the roads. His clerics are all stone masons, and workers with a few sculptures as exceptions. His symbol is a smooth triangle shaped rock with a hole in it, and worshipers of him often wear this around their neck.

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Mar 30th 2012 at 12:58:15 AM

I imagine Celestial Gods as being more abstract. Now, I bet their is a way to give Torq such a spin later that eventually works out to him being viewed as the god of masonry and stonework.

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Sijo from Puerto Rico
Mar 30th 2012 at 8:37:29 AM

[up][up]About time the Gargoyles showed up here! grin I loved that show!

[up]What do you mean? Stonework is one of the most ancient concepts known to man (Me pick up this rock! Me make things out of it! Me great!! wink) this would eventually evolve into an art (architecture) so yeah, it fits.

Now why it would look like a gargoyle (eg, demonic) is a better question.

Working on the next ballot now, will soon be up.

Sijo from Puerto Rico
Mar 30th 2012 at 9:15:47 AM

New Ballot:

I'm going to try - I said TRY- to post these Ballots on Mondays and do the Updates on Sundays. That should give us plenty of time to vote AND post new material as well.

And folks? Remember what I asked about properly identifying your proposals. Don't complain later if I place your new race under creatures, for example.

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Mar 30th 2012 at 10:17:42 AM

Proto Beast-Folk Yes

Iropa Yes

The Blessed Yes

The Traveler Yes

Power Crystals Yes

Trolls (Geothropes) Yes

Black Empire Facts #3 Measurement System Yes

Necromancy Yes

Gift of the Shaman Yes

Enchanters dust Yes

Elemental branding Yes

The Duergar and the Elemental Brands Yes

Hrod's Elemental Brigade Yes

Fairy Dust Yes

Surgeon Yes

Black Empire Facts #3 Cont Measurement System Cont Yes

Black Empire Facts #3.2 Family Names, Marriage and Children Yes

Gargoyles Yes

Torq, The God of Stone and Masonry Yes ((I will try though, to see if I can add something to this later))

We should have the ability to abstain from voting on a particular thing and not have it count as a no. Instead, Sijo, you could count, say, 2 of 3 votes if something had two Yes's and one abstainer.

Sijo from Puerto Rico
Mar 30th 2012 at 5:50:03 PM

I'm just trying to make it *completely certain* that anything that gets added to the official project is accepted by the majority. Remember that not passing a vote is NOT the same thing as being rejected; you can offer the same idea ANY number of times, in fact that gives you time to rework it into something that works better.

In fact, this is why I post links *to the actual submissions* in the ballots; to give everyone the chance to re-read them and make sure they approve of the idea (or not) before voting.

God_of_Awesome Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Mar 30th 2012 at 8:55:09 PM

Then at least 'Abstain' or 'Maybe' should be an option.

Exelixi Lesbarian from Alchemist's workshop Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Mar 30th 2012 at 8:56:22 PM

Unnecessary complication. "No" doesn't mean "this idea sucks," it means "I don't think this idea fits the setting at the time."

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Mar 31st 2012 at 1:39:38 PM

Public Domain Spells

Just like spells can be set into the mind, activated by a 'password', so to may a spell be set into the Aether itself to be accessed by anyone who knows how. Their are a couple reasons to do this:

  • The spell may be so particularly complex that storing it in your own brain may prove to have problems. This has resulted in spells of legendary power be crafted the knowledge to access it loss, just waiting there to be accessed once more. If one begin to invent a spell similar to such a spell, they may find their minds actually touch the spell and be granted a portion or a whole of the password to access. This is called 'discovering' a spell. Spells of such complexity often requires that the caster has knowledge of the inner working of the spell, so they still must learn the spell.
  • A spell is set into the Aether with the very purpose of being accessed by others. Sometimes a prerequisite is required, such a particular items, certain genetic markers, membership in an organization or other things and sometimes it is completely open to everyone, imprinted their by a wizard who wished to leaver her mark upon the world forever.
  • A spell is repeated so much that it has left a mark upon the Aether. Opposite of the first reason, such spells tend to be very simple. Normally, the password is in an ancient language or a corrupted version, seeing as how the ancients were the ones who overused the spell so much that it now has been imprinted into the underlying fabric of magic.

This makes viable spells, or at least the means to access them, as a commercially available product, as something literally only available to your family/clan/race, as a common spell used by nearly all casters, as a lost grimoire of power rediscovered.

Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Mar 31st 2012 at 4:06:52 PM

I was working on something but I have a question about ascending to godhood.

Let's say a god decides to walk the earth as a man for a certain number of years but not have their godhood be known, and their actions began to gather them fame and their assumed life and name and exploits began to effect the aether.

Now what happens, do they get more power? Does the alias split from them and become real? What?

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Sijo from Puerto Rico
Mar 31st 2012 at 5:51:55 PM

[up][up]While I like the basic concept, I must ask: are these spells available from *anywhere*? Because that sounds too powerful for mortal wizards. Or would this only apply to specific enchanted sites ex. Ley nodes? Also, this would enable instant communication across the world, which is something that would have a *huge* effect on civilization, the way it has in ours, and might interfere with some story possibilities for our "Conquest Of The Americas" basic plot.

[up]I'd say it is possible for such an alias to become its own deity, but that would require belief from the majority of the sentient inhabitants of Sceal just like the other celestials, so it would take thousands of years to happen.

Exelixi Lesbarian from Alchemist's workshop Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Mar 31st 2012 at 6:01:56 PM

I see GOA's thing as having three basic repercussions.

One. An average wizard's fireball is going to look like any other average wizard's fireball. This kind of thing will also be the only unifying factor between Sorcerers.

Two. Techniques specific to a guild or clan are legit things hat can happen. Magician's guilds and colleges will likely use these as motivating factors- IE, "Skjerson's Tower, home of Skjerson's Wall of Frost."

Three. Scrolls, tomes, etc. with spells written in them can actually be used to teach people things. Yet another reason for colleges and such, access to reading materials.

Vyc's concept is interesting. The transition would take a long, long time, and the god would doubtless feel it. So, they could abort before they got overwritten. . . Or use it as one of the only ways for a god to commit suicide.

Also, holy shit I just realised this setting works with Scion and Nobilis. Bitchin'.

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Vyctorian ◥▶◀◤ from Domhain Sceal
Mar 31st 2012 at 7:02:24 PM

Elena's Secret- Being the celestial manifestation of nature, she is subject to how the world views nature, and in this comes a divide. While she isn't affect by those who have no regard for nature there is a part of her that is influenced by the side that sees nature as something humanoids can use rather than something in humanoids way, or something humanoids must live in harmony with.

As these view points grow Elena's own views on nature have changed and it's unknown even to her if this is her being affected by the consciousness reflecting on the aether or her simply changing her mind or her just not wanting to potentially lose a huge portion of worshipers. This is creating stress within her mind, and causing her to be much much more unstable as the centuries have marched on. While she still sides with nature should be left alone on the surface, she still lends powers to those who use nature as a tool, and even has dabbled in the perversion of nature herself the Gifted ones being the first example.

This dual nature and slight hypocrisy as lead to Elena to lash out against many other gods, which is why she is at the center of so many godly conflicts. Even if the conflicts are most philosophical ones, she is mostly lashing out due to her not really knowing herself and feeling the need to lash out at others to justify her own views, even if she herself doesn't hold them to as high of a regard as her worshipers do.

How it affects godly activities-

She's often get into moods where she is more open to the idea that nature should be changed and molded and create new creatures and spells only to regret their creation once she has finished, and soon ignore them in hopes that they will just die off.

This is why she forsakes Gifted ones once they become Masked spirits to her it's simply an excuse to get rid of something she wishes she had never had a hand in, even though she'll need up creating more and will become very angry with who ever defiled them.

These regretful periods are also when she is most likely to lash out at other gods and even people, and are the source of most of her conflicts.

How it affects worshipers-

It has affectually divided her worshipers into several different cults and sects some of which worship Elena another another name believing it is not possible that for the goddess of nature to support their efforts.

The Cult of Selena - Goddess of creations from nature

This is by far the biggest cult, these are worshipers of nature who view nature as a source for great changed when manipulated using magic and science. The figure they worship is Selena who they believe is a terrestrial goddess who was a from worshiper of Elena who became a scientist wizard and eventually a god. Aside from the last part this is all true. Selena was an Elena went for a time when she decided to walk among mankind, she started as just a member of a local coven but a few members of the coven left, she found out they had forsaken her to study science and wizard instead and she followed but soon got caught up in the life of Selena and became a student in wizardry, after 40 years of this She had become famous for her creations of nature among wizards and infamous with nature mystics decided that she could not simply forsake whose who change nature as she has done the very same thing, but most of her worshipers would not accept this. So faked ascending to godhood and had her students create a church to her alias which she would lend power too. In reality this is having the most negative affect on her as Selena's worship is growing and Elena's waning which is causing more stress, as the changing cultures affect her.

Yes, she was also a wizardry teacher which means technically some wizards could have been taught by a god but not in godly ways.

The cult of nature's wrath -

This sect is smaller but views Elena as an inherently vengeful deity who strikes down or curses those who majorly pervert nature. They often take things into their own hands to exact her wrath on those who are against nature or who destroy it.

The true church of Elena - by far the smallest group of worshipers of Elena and the only ones who are right. An off branch of the church of truth who have complied all the different view points of Elena into one view point as Elena being the goddess who encompasses all who worshiper nature and that she both supports those who change nature, don't and those who seek to protect nature from destruction. Sadly Elena gives these worshipers no power leading most to believe they are actually wrong. And bringing her into conflicts with the Church of Truth as now many of those who worship Elena believe them to be liars.

Yes, I'm making a goddess very human and somewhat weak looking but it's much better than her just being a dick, because she's a goddess. I also wanted to play with some concept within our world, and put a bit of a spin on the classic nature opposes progress theme by allowing a progress through nature option.

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Mar 31st 2012 at 7:18:23 PM

Affects, and wrath, respectively.

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