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Yes, this is the profile picture I use on this site, also yes, that is Michael Rosen of Youtube Poop fame
Hello. Name's Vincenzio Condatore[Birth Name: Joseph Carl Olson], but whatever, you probably know me by my username which you Likely will refer to me as. I was born in the southern californian small city of thousand oaks, a heavily conserva-libertarian-neoliberal whatever town, and my father is generally a right libertarian himself, and I'd say I was too back when I was younger, but recent events have made me disillusioned with the right & I'm overall generally left-wing now[but I also would rather not label myself], I don't instantly hate you if you have conservative viewpoints and I still have some[such as being pro-gun & remaining christian], I also still have much respect for my father, being as he's a very dilligent, accepting & honest man, but I absolutely despise the identitarian/racialist/pseudo-intellectual/pompous/'alt' right.

Politics aside, Ethnicity & Ancestry wise, I was diagnosed with Aspergers at a young age, I am also of heavily mixed descent, my father was half Italian & Swedish, whilst my mother was half Irish & Half Cuban, I also have minor British, French, Native American & Basque ancestry. I think my mixed ancestry has left me rather interested in things like Race, Ancestry & Family History, If I'm a bit racially charged apologies to anyone I accidentally offend

Like most users on this website, I have an interest in film, video games, television, books,music(I am particularly into Jazz & Hip-Hop, though I also have a thing for country, classical music, synthwave, punk & classic rock), animation, the internet, etc, and though I am currently in my teen years, I wish to work in media when I'm older, though for the most part I will produce, direct & write films with some friends


Until than, I have a Youtube Channel to run among other stuff, while I don't actually make videos often I occassionally make YTPs & plan to make other sorts of content

Pages I take credit to Creating:

Tropes I consider applying to myself & or have interest in:

Tropes That Apply to my Works:

The Cartel: In Dr. Rabbit becomes a Drug Lord as the title suggests, Dr. Rabbit quits the toothpaste industry to create the "Dr Rabbit Rabbit Cartel". While He is never shown actually dealing drugs aside from one scene which doesn't even succeed (Though it's implied the "Dr Rabbit Rabbit Cartel World Tour" is just a front for smuggling drugs) Dr. Rabbit's Cartel is shown to also be heavily Involved in Child Prostitution & has very McCarthyist Personal Views, Believing the drugs he smuggles such as Marijuana and Cocaine to "Stick to your teeth and make communism grow!" as well as believing that Flossing your ass like you do teeth helps "Remove Communism" from places the penis can't go into

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