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Hi, I'm Ray Vega (you can just call me Ray), and I have been a Troper since October 2019. I have a Latin/Mexican ancestry (though I have a white skin) and is a USA resident.

My pronouns are He/Him and I'm heterosexual (another word for straight).

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    Trivia about me 

  • My birthday is on April 23 which is also John Cena's and George Lopez's birthday.

  • I currently live in a small rural town in Central USA.
    • In my opinion, rural areas are better than urban areas. I simply prefer to live in a small rural area since it seems better and perfect and fit for me.
      • The only pet peeve of rural areas are cell phone signal. I'm on AT&T and I barely get service there (unless I put a cell phone in my bedroom window which is tiresome) although Verizon, Sprint, Tracfone (I'm pretty sure), MetroPCS, and T-Mobile devices have better to decent service there.

  • Favorite book is Fahrenheit 451.

    Tropes that applies to me 

    Live Action TV shows I particularly enjoyed and yes, that includes sitcoms 

  • NCIS: I'm a huge diehard fan of that show and it's one of the best TV shows I ever seen in my entire life. Even so far as my main cell phone ringtone is Gibbs's ringtone.
    • This show is also one of reasons why I'm obsessed over flip phones and other dumb-phones since Gibbs uses a flip phone. Don't ask why I'm obsessed with dumb phones.
      • Thank God NCIS is on Netflix.
      • Considering it's a Long Runner, I hope it ran for at least 20-22 seasons....though I heard rumors Mark Harmon might be limiting his future NCIS appearances.

  • Blue Bloods: I just recently started watching that show and so far, I enjoyed watching it.

  • S.W.A.T. (2017): I also recently started watching it and like I said, I enjoyed it.
    • Patrick St. Esprit's raspy voice have a sounds of badassery. I'm glad the producers chose him to be in that show.

  • The Big Bang Theory: One of the greatest sitcoms I ever seen in my entire life. And one of the best Long-Runners that ever existed on this planet.

  • Drake & Josh

    Animated TV shows I enjoyed 

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