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28-year-old mortgage dude living in Texas. When he's not working in the scintillating world of foreclosure, he's playing Madden, watching anime, or he's on here, of course. When he's on here, he's usually Blue Shifting, as he finds he enjoys it. He would write a list of things he enjoys, but that would bore you.

Outsyder 0486's claim to...fame? Infamy? Donuts? Is probably the longstanding Final Fantasy tradition. He wrote the original articles for some of the Final Fantasy games way back when, so he started them with a reference to the game series being (ridiculous adjective)ly popular. It caught on, and here we are now.


He suggested these tropes (but did not come up with their names):

He came up with names for these tropes (but did not originally suggest them):

He suggested these tropes and came up with their names:

He created the initial entries for these TV shows/video games/networks (and he created them from nothing...NOTHING!):


Do not taunt Outsyder0486. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES!


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