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I like blue

    Randomly generated video game titles 
  • Ghetto Mutant of Death
  • The Sims: Cyborg Nitro
  • Lethal Flatulence XP
  • Preschool STD Tycoon
  • Urban Sword Sisters (This one would be badass)
  • Britney Spears' Yak Explosion
  • Scottish Nazi Simulator
  • Retarded Octopus Assassins
  • Silent Stapler 2
  • Tasteless Spelling at the Olympics
  • Shrunken Soccer Hospital
  • Pixellated Equestrian Anarchy
  • Dance Dance Batman Reloaded
  • Full Metal Dentist vs. Street Fighter
  • Guitar Tank of Death
  • Sensual Mech - The Resistance
  • Drunken Yeti Reloaded
  • The Harlem Globetrotters: Harvest Terror
  • Flying Nuclear XXX
  • Incomprehensible Furry Uprising
  • Jamaican Soccer Baseball
  • Funky Drug-Dealing Quiz

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