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Hello, all. Obviously you're lost, because nobody should really care what I'm about. But, while you're here:

I enjoy gaming and anime, though I get little of either. My favorite genres of games are Role-Playing and Real-Time Strategy.

I live on a godforsaken patch of land called a FARM, which is as much a technological haven as a hole in the ground. Except, I figure you can get better wi-fi in a hole.


I am also an avid roleplayer on the forums, both here and otherwise.

I also enjoy writing, fantasy and some poetry, and also like to do world-building.

I'm 15.

I'm an avid-roleplayer; I play Ghatz Mienne in Welcome to Beacon: Ultimate Server, and GM Five Nights at Freddy's: the Re-Opening (and play Vincent J. Monroe.)

So, go ahead and vandalize me! I am happy to recieve feedback on my writing or my general personality.


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