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Hyp3rb14d 3 is a fanfic author who has written a handful of fanfics, most of which never get more than a few chapters, with the notable exception of Wait, Did That Happen Before. He was running a crossover quest on Sufficient Velocity starring Ryouga Hibiki from Ranma One Half, titled Ryouga Hibiki Quest, which can be found here. However, said quest is now dead, although a reboot of it is running on Questionable Questing.


His profile is here, and contains more of his works than you'll find anywhere else. He also has an AO 3 profile here, and a topic on Space Battles following Wait, Did That Happen Before?. He has written the following fics.

''Wait, Did That Happen Before'' - A Naruto crossover with Mahou Sensei Negima, Ranma One Half, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and a handful of other series. After an unsatisfying life, Naruto tries to travel back in time using a ninjutsu that he doesn't really understand. Initially, it seems to work, but Naruto quickly discovers that the "past" doesn't match up with his memories.

''Heartless In Nerima'' - A crossover between Kingdom Hearts and Ranma One Half. The Heartless invade Nerima, and Ranma and Ryouga find themselves caught up in the middle of it. Up for adoption.


''The Bat Man of Nerima'' - A take on Batman if he had been Tatewaki Kuno instead of Bruce Wayne. May eventually be picked back up. Someday. Possibly.

The Legend of Zelda: The Ryouga of Time - A crossover between Ocarina Of Time and Ranma One Half. After getting her mission from the Great Deku Tree, Navi mistakes a young Ryouga (who is lost) for Link.

Rita on the Moon - A one-shot parodying the concept of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Rita is on the moon. The moon is not a fun place to be.


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