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Local troper whose discovery of this site changed his life...

If he could be Labeled, he could be considered having split personalities, switching from either a Deadpan Snarker Jerkass, a Cloudcuckoolander or a Heroic Sociopath wannabe, with earlier characters being more Butt Monkeys.

Still, for those visiting here, nice to meet you. Careful of the bear traps on the... Ooh, sorry...

Also this troper is quite big on creating characters for RP (if setting is based on an Anime, characters are prone to being Genre Savvy enough to lampoon/quip about it), even if he would never call himself a particularly skilled writer in fear of developing a Small Name, Big Ego complex and may have a tendency to bring his characters close to Mary Sue status.


Can't quite remember how many articles I've contributed to, but it's a lot. At the most, I've helped filled up the CLANNAD character page back when it was pretty empty.

Never MADE any articles however. I leave the heavy thinking to everyone else while I just ride on the coattails.


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