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Huh-OH! Hi! Don't get a lot of traffic here, I'm surprised to see you of all people stop by! I'm a small child, and mommy says it's not ok to tell the stinky old guys on the internet how old I am, and I don't want to get in trouble, so you're going to have to settle with "I am very, very tiny". I'm a guy though, mommy didn't say I couldn't tell you that! I'm not a very good troper, to be honest I can't seem to make a lot of positive contributions to the community here, but I'm still a big fan of this site and all who work to keep it going! I also like Bob Ross, he's cool. There's nothing interesting on this page, if you haven't figured that out already, so if you want you can stop wasting your time here. It's better to go experience what wonders TV Tropes has to offer!


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