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Oh, you know. Just a random dude on the Internet who likes all things TV Tropes and decided that he could, nay, MUST, be one of those jerks who goes around editing other people's posts and adding all sorts of unnecessary information and flame bait.

Nah, not really. This place is the shiznit and I wouldn't change a thing about it, except to add more cool stuff.

I'm a 23-year old Male Malaysian dude who lives with his parents and has never gone on a date or even talked to a girl about going on a date. (Sad, but true) Among my interests are : art (fantasy and sci-fi mostly), video games (and reading about video games), webcomics (I'd love to make one of my own), comic books (My new fave is The Umbrella Academy) and most things geeky. (You'll never catch me cosplaying at a large-scale comic convention) I hope to meet other interesting people who are as wild about Gunnerkrigg Court as I am who I can argue with over story interpretations. And I'll be sure to let you in on my artistic endeavors as soon as I actually get off my butt and get busy. Seeing as I'm still here, that may take a while.


Huh, TV Tropes DOES ruin your life.

I'm uh... known as edvedd now. I forget what my password was.


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