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Name's Tony. Better known on certain image boards, forums, and high school walls as Darc Discordia. I'm a 23 year old person of the male persuasion from Maine. I'm a caffeine enthusiast, speed reader, The Dresden Files fanboy, music lover, Tumblr addict, Redditor, troper, and all-around uninteresting guy. I've been a Tv Tropes addict for several years, but I'm a habitual lurker, and as such, there aren't any important edits or anything like that to my name. If I ever think of anything important to say that people agree is actually important, ie. I create the page for a trope or something like that, I'll be sure to tell you all about it here. Until that time, though, this page is entirely superfluous. If I've edited a page, it's probably just to fix a minor grammar, punctuation, or spelling error. Most of the time I don't bother.



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