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All right! So, I'm like, Cameron.

I'm not really "new" per se to the whole wiki thing, I have (barely) participated at the other wiki, I'm called Cameron B over there as well...

I was, for about 8 months, a prolific and spectacular contributor to Uncyclopedia. I'm User:TD there. I believe that Ninja Skills was my all time most spectacular entry. Go to if you wish to read it.


However, as with so many other things, my creativity waned over time, as real life intruded on digital perfection.

Anyways... About "Me"

I am a troper. Matter of fact, I've always been a troper. Even before the internet existed. I just didn't know it back then. Although, to be fair, neither did any of the rest of us...

In all seriousness, this website is nothing short of spectacular. It's truly strange how many things I find here on tvtropes which reference my childhood, like Second Reality! You guys linked me to the YOUTUBE video for it! And this site is LITTERED with xkcd fans!

I find myself wondering how many Goons, Farkers, and YTMND'ers are here? I bet a full one-fifth of you are at least part time 4channers! (or used to be) (I'll say "Sup /b/")

It's like, TV Tropes is a hive mind that I've always belonged to. It's bizarre. It's beyond bizarre. It might even be called astonishing.


In short... I am happy here. (Well, okay, not really, 'cause I'm sitting at home on my computer so I'm not really "here" like living in the server room or anything.)

  • I am a nerd, and I have the DOS commands to prove it!
  • I am smart, and I have the test scores to prove it!
  • I am not actually 1337, and I have the failed gentoo installs to prove it.
  • I don't know everything, and it's not too hard for you guys to prove that.
  • I love Techno, Metal, and uh... porn.
  • I'm not a fan of Kibo, but I at least 'know' who Kibo is.
  • I don't Usenet. (see 1337 above)
  • Video games have better shaders than my window sill, or at least, Crysis does.
  • I have just discovered that wiki markups here are not the same as wiki markups on The Other Wiki and I will need to return to figure out how to make this work.


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