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All the best to you, reader.

I'm thrilled to have found this website a while ago. It combines my interest in (literary) criticism with my fascination for (certain kinds of) popular culture, my sympathy for community projects and my love for all kinds of language into a wonderful place to get lost in. It's hard to contain my enthusiasm.

Personal favourites include:

  • Ninjas, samurai, martial arts
  • Nuclear weapons
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  • Post-apocalypse
  • The Supernatural and Sublime
  • Superheroes and superpowers
  • Absurdity and Irony
  • Philosophy: Ethics and Metaphysics particularly
  • Literature, literary criticism, analysis of literature and all storytelling
  • Elemental, animalistic and spiritual representation of Self
  • Utopias and Dystopias (both science-fiction and alternate realities)
  • People sharing ideas and growing

As anyone can imagine, this place is a perfect match.

And who knows? I might actually be able to use some stuff occassionally whilst teaching IB English A: Language and Literature. Not that practicality has priority in my world.

Hen paar haashen
In de medooi



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