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... yes. Well. Not really sure what to put here.

I'm British, a university student, and a physics major. I write fanfiction, which you may have gathered, and original stuff, which you may not have. Someday I may even attempt to get some of it published.

I go by Immatrael on because some irritating person stolenote  "Aleph" and doesn't even appear to have done anything with it, and that's where you can find most of my work, or at least most of the work post-Trials, since everything before that is never going to see the light of day if I have any hand in the matter whatsoever.


And since I regard editing my own pages (or getting friends to do it) to be both pretentious and egotistical, I will stop there and leave anything else to be added by people who think it deserves to be here.

Further additions are to be regarded as written by other tropers, to preserve the author's foreword.

Aleph is female. Although there exists an unsubstantiated rumor Aleph is actually a sentient cloud of blades.

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