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Fan Fic / The Age of Wings and Steel

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The griffons rally while the equestrians scramble.

Princess Luna has been banished to the moon for three centuries, and Equestria teeters on the onset of war. Politicians and nobles protest and bicker, while the griffons prepare to march through a torn Equestria.

In an effort to rally up support for the divided nation, Princess Celestia calls upon a fated pony to seek assistance from the north. The messenger is Rye Strudel; a small, half-breed stallion, born to a guard and a baker, who is caught in the tide of the growing conflict. Rye will have to unite the quarreling thanes of the north, for if he fails, Equestria may fall.

Originally posted by DSNesmith on, on November 18th, 2012. It can be read here


This fanfiction provides examples of:

Rye: The cripple, the orphan, and the bastard. A fine group of heroes we are.
  • The Team: Rye, Cranberry, and Inger comprise the group for the majority of the story.

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