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Live Blog Free Birds: A Movie That Totally Needed To Exist
CosmicRust2014-05-21 09:33:37

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Hello, everyone! I'm some lady with a handle that's a disease from Transformers and this is my first Let's Watch! *confetti*

Before we get this turkey gizzard rolling, my first idea was to talk about "The League of Incredible Vegetables" from Veggie Tales and Big Idea. But, the source I had for it was deleted. Oh well, I kind of liked that show, anyway. Anyhow, I turned to Netflix, because if it didn't do well in the box office or was sent straight to DVD, you can bet your bottom tail feather that Netflix has it.

Now, unlike my previous candidate for this liveblog, I know jack shit about this movie and I've never seen it. Though, I do recall a friend of mine saying the climax has something to do with pizza, so I sense we're in for a treat.

My soul question here is: why? Why did this film need to be made? Why did someone feel the need to make a movie about turkeys that don't wanna be eaten? We've already done that with chickens. At least that movie was pretty good. So, maybe this won't be so bad. Shrug.

So, without further rambling or awful bird puns, let's dig into a Thanksgiving movie that totally needed to exist. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Free Birds!

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