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Live Blog Psyga's Bored: Let's Watch The Snowman!
Psyga3152012-05-03 11:15:14

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Part Three: The Snowman is Dead

When we last left off our heroes, they were floating in the air while a singer was singing a cheesy song. So, what will the final eight minutes contain? Letís find out!


The two then land in what I assume is the arctic as they come across a pack of snowmen, who are all circled around the jolly fat man himself. Because itís not a Christmas Special without Santa Claus. So with this, my assumption that the Snowman abducted the kid was nothing more than a mere ďHey, kid, I got something cool to show you! Besides my cool flying skills!Ē And so they had the best damn party ever. I canít help but feel that this is somehow an analogy for a foreign celebration. Or at least based off one.

And so Santa, being the cool boss he is, allows the kid to go and pet some of his reindeer. Again, no red-nosed one so this is probably before Rudolf. Oh, and the kid gets a scarf for a present. And off they go back to the kidís home, and the kid falls to sleep. The next morning, the kid gets up, only to find that the snowman has melted... How? Was it that hot that it melted the snowman? But if thatís the case, shouldnít the snow on the ground also be melted too and thus reveal grass? Whatever, movieís over, dudeís telling me to watch The Grinch, but when I did, apparently the Warner Brothers blocked it on my grounds. DAMN YOU YAKKO AND WAKKO! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!


What did I think of The Snowman? Eh, itís alright. I canít say I enjoyed it, but I canít say I hated it either. I think this isnít my kind of movie. Annabelleís Wish was more of a movie Iíd enjoy, which is ironic because from my critical point of view, The Snowman would easily be the movie Iíd recommend more, mostly because itís not that clichťd. Okay, you still had the obligatory Santa cameo, but other than that, itís less of a bother than Annabelleís Wish.

The art style is simply gorgeous. Itís not like anything I have seen before, which puts it miles above Annabelleís Wish. The music is also a point higher than Annabelleís Wish, mostly because Randy Travis canít make me laugh like the singer for ďWalking In The AirĒ can. However, Annabelleís Wish trumps this in terms of telling a story. Yes, itís clichťd as all hell, but thereís a story. Here? Kid builds snowman, they have wacky adventures, snowman melts, the end! This sort of perplexes me, because despite my criticisms towards it, I enjoy Annabelleís Wish more than The Snowman. The Snowman is just simply eye candy for the kids and artistically inspired. Mind you, itís good eye candy, but itís the kind where if youíre bored and got nothing to do, this would be a good film to watch. Itís short, to the point, and has no actual plot or theme to shove down your throat. Just shut your brain off, pop some popcorn, and enjoy.

Well, adios.

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