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Live Blog Let's Play ICONS: THE RPG.
MadWritter2011-11-04 02:24:59

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Hello, Mad Writter here. I had problem remembering to save my file for the "Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2" science-fiction twice. So why got play a different game. The game in this case is "ICONS", a superhero tabletop game loosely based on FATE energy from "Spirit Of The Century" from Adament Entertainment. It was written by Steve Kenson (the guy behind Mutants And Masterminds); Gareth-Micheal Skarka Walt, Ciehanowski & Morgan Davie

First thing, in the next, I create my superheroes following the creation owners. Decide on the team type. Work on a rival team if I can. Then I work on the plot and villain for the game. Then play the game.

This is going to be four color type game — as I love happy go-lucky superheroes. Heroes are good, villains are evil. I will decide the city when I work decide on a team origin.