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Psyga3152012-04-11 10:43:54

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Day Of The Dumpster

When we last left off, I found out that I had left my enemy with about seven countries. Let’s see how many countries I can take in this post.

So we have our first battle of the post. It was a giant curbstomp battle, I returned to my Rambo style shooting and before I know it, victory was mine. An Interrogation begins as Paramount goes into his Motive Rant on how he was a respected general. Alright, next fight! The soldiers calls the warriors out to play on using their weapons. Please, give me a break, I used the soldiers’ guns since the very beginning yet they think we’re still incompetent to use them. I proved them wrong by shooting one of their legs off. With a pistol. Now that that’s over with, I then proceed to take another one of their countries. Another cut scene ensues; Paramount demands to know how the hell did the Aztec leader get info on what happened in the future so easily compared to him having to fight tooth and nail to go back in time. “Statistics Prophets”. Duh.

Alright, five countries remain. See you all next time...

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