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Live Blogs Gentlemen, I Love War
Psyga3152012-02-01 13:46:15

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When we last left the war, we won our first battle. But the war is far from over.

So our opponent decides to send an army of eight... against a country that has thirty men. Leonidas they are not. Curbstomp Battle ensues. I even blew off someone’s arm. The next battle begins as I sent my men (I haven’t lost a single one in the previous battle) back to their country of India. The battle begins with one of my men playing idiot and deciding to take them all on. Why? Because he is empowered by his fallen brothers. Is this guy Too Dumb to Live? Nope. He lives. Yes, that’s right. The guy who takes on an army of eight (if the country you send your army from is neighbored by enemy countries, the game will send half your men in case someone pulls off something like I did and invade that country soon after) all on his own survives. Oh, you can also plant dynamite like mines. You can even do this underwater. Feel free to rage about how physically impossible that is, for I will not. The battle ends, with none of my men dead, including the one who tried to take on everyone by himself and one who ran into my dynamite-mine.

Our next interrogation scene has Paramount refer to some events in Wrecked, a game where you are on an island. So Lost In Blue meets MDickie. Anyways, the Aztec leader is all like “We know what you do in the future!” and that is it. If I had known about Wrecked, I might have paid closer attention, but sadly, World War Alpha was the only game I kept coming back to. When I last played Wrecked, I got bored and played a death match mode.

Thus ends part three.

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