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Horsing Around - An Experiment into the Unknown
Hey Plum I have never seen this show either, so I'll be right here with ya.
Join the herd. You know you want to.
A herd? Or a team?
No, definitely a herd. I know that's what they call it.
I was thinking of doing a liveblog of this as well, mainly due to my unique perspective on the series, which is that the first 28 episodes are awesome and the rest is total shit. Most people just stick to one of those two perspectives for the entire run. It'll be interesting to see which you go towards.
Give it until about episode 5.
Well, you're definitely not alone. The pink singing one is a source of much irritation, if some of the posts I've seen in other places are any indication. But then, all of them have people who love them, and all of them have people who hate them. I love all the 6, though, some more than others. *shrug*

Also, Star Trek TOS transporter console sound effect FTW!